Zuckerberg Says ‘We Don’t Think What We Are Doing Is Censoring Speech’

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday told a committee of the United States Senate that Cambridge Analytica had illegal used his personal data, as well. “It was my mistake, and I’m sorry. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner”, said Galvin.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking during a Reuters interview at the University of Bogota.

Zuckerberg promised that in the future, his company would not rely on users to flag objectionable content – like terrorist propaganda – and will instead have artificial intelligence technology to filter such information. Here’s what we did learn.

Wearing a dark suit and tie and prefacing nearly every remark with “Congressman” or “Congresswoman”, Zuckerberg appeared even more controlled than he did on Tuesday, as he refrained from cracking jokes and flashed few smiles.

For all of Zuckerberg’s claims that Facebook users own their data, users – and non-users – have no way of determining the full trove of data that the company stores on an individual.

But what wasn’t allowed was selling that data – originally collected for research purposes – to Cambridge Analytica, which used it for business purposes.

Marcus Adeniyi is a freshman at East Stroudsburg University. he says he stays off most social media websites because it’s too easy to get hacked.

“They’re going to be held to a different standard than they have been before”, said Thune. “We shouldn’t have taken their word for it”.

“One of my greatest regrets in running the company is that we were slow in identifying the Russian information operations in 2016”, he said.

Multiple legislators also raised the prospect that Facebook’s data policies with third-party apps violated a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission after a prior privacy complaint. He wants to hear from more social media companies first. It is possible that Facebook may come out with a variant which will require users to pay for the service and in return may not use their data for advertisements.

Still, Facebook’s stock remains 10 percent below where it stood before the scandal, a decline that has wiped out about $50 billion in shareholder wealth.

Facebook is implementing the GDPR standards for European users next month, and some of its rules will be extended to USA and other users later, he confirmed. Zuckerberg said Wednesady that Facebook feels “a lot of competition” because the average American uses eight apps daily to stayed connected to people. They told us that they did this. “There will always be a version of Facebook that is free”.

While it doesn’t make up for anything, Facebook now offers users the opportunity to see whether you or a friend have accessed the app, and whether your information could have been collected. McKinley argued it should not be up to Facebook users to report illegal activity, and put the responsibility for policing illegal content on Zuckerberg and his staff. He went on to say “We believe that the ads model is the right one for us”.

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