Where was Sasha during Obama’s farewell speech?

While many Americans were watching Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago on Tuesday night, others were left with one burning question.

Where was Sasha Obama?

The goodbye photo clearly only shows 18-year-old Malia Obama on stage with mum and dad, Michelle and Barack, but there’s no sign of her 15-year-old sister.


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The simple explanation is that she stayed in Washington because she had an exam at Sidwell Friends private school on Wednesday morning.

The school has educated the children of American presidents for years, including Chelsea Clinton.

So it will be used to cracking down on pupils for trying to miss class because of official presidential engagements.

But that didn’t stop the #WhereIsSasha fun on social media.

Some people hoped she was trying to stop Donald Trump getting into the White House

Some tweeters thought she was studying hard to become president in the future

The one about her being at home because she’s pregnant is just plain wrong

A lot of people were upset that it was the best excuse ever for missing something

And finally… Barack Obama paid tribute to his two daughters in his speech

Sasha and Malia were seven and 10 when Barack Obama became president…

Barack, Sasha, Malia and Michelle Obama

And here they are last year going on holiday aged 17 and 14 respectively.

Malia, Barack, Michelle and Sasha Obama

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