What You Need to Know About the 2018 California Primaries

Voters in Perkins County and throughout Nebraska will go to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes in the primary election.

“The U.S. Senate race was very high-profile, with even the president weighing in on social media”, he said.

Adams said he attributes the spike in voter turnout for this midterm primary to a number of factors, most notably the attention received in West Virginia for the U.S. Senate race.

Majorities of voters on both sides of the aisle say they want their parties to nominate candidates who share their positions on major issues more than wanting candidates who can beat their counterparts on the other side.

In the race for Porter Superior Court Judge No. 2, Republican incumbent Jeffrey W. Clymer took 6,825 votes; Democrat Clay M. Patton got fractionally more, 6,877. She worked for Massey Energy and recalled Blankenship’s longtime financial support of Mingo County schools and sports. It was a close election; the primary election night vote totals had me down just one vote and losing behind the fifth-place nominee.

Those percentages are similar to Manchin’s past primary victories.

This story will updated throughout the day as reports and results on the 2018 Primary Election come in.

For years, County Board of Education candidates were elected in the spring in nonpartisan races – a thing of the past since the N.C. General Assembly’s July 2017 vote approving a local request to make those races partisan once more. Stivers also pointed to strong GOP turnout in Indiana, North Carolina and OH as more important benchmarks. Democrat Kendra Fershee won the 1st Congressional nomination, while in the 2nd Congressional district, Talley Sergent earned the Democratic nomination.

She too said she was primarily interested in the Republican congressional race.

The leading Democratic candidates are Richard Cordray, a 59-year-old consumer watchdog under President Barack Obama, and Dennis Kucinich, a 71-year-old former congressman and two-time presidential candidate.

A Ryan-affiliated political action committee is flooding key Republican districts with a two-track advertising campaign hailing the GOP’s new tax law and reminding voters that a Democratic majority would mean Rep. Nancy Pelosi returning to the speaker’s rostrum. But that substantial lead in the Northern Panhandle wasn’t enough to overcome Fershee’s dominance in north central West Virginia, where the Morgantown resident held an edge in that four-county region, 15,213 to 4,275.

Trump declared Tuesday’s elections “a great night” and said “all candidates are those who have a great chance of winning in November”. Currently, elections run for 29 days and are legislated at every four years.

The last day to pre-register at the Election Office for this election is 5 p.m. The nonpartisan Republican and Libertarian ballots only include these two races. In three of those contests, Republicans remain strong favorites to hold the seat, but Democrats landed candidates they feel are good fits for the districts.

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