What We’re Really Honoring When We Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mom had I listened to your advice I’d been at a better place today.

On this day, people on social media not only wrote about their love for their mothers but also enlisted the things they are grateful to her for.

For the love you always showed me, Thank you mum. you are truly a gift in my life.

“As an advocate for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, I urge every pregnant woman to know her HIV status”.

None of us had enough time to say “thanks, Mom”.

Dia Mirza: “My mother is my hero”. I swear I didn’t leave the house the first month after she was born.

Even now, 14 years after my mother died of cancer, my siblings and I don’t really speak to each other on Mother’s Day. It’s been tradition between us. Your mom would be so happy to see that you support and appreciate motherhood so well, in fact, nothing would make her happier than this.

Hema Malini: Happy Mother’s Day! A mother isn’t defined by a gender, an orientation, or a DNA test but by the love they give, mending hearts and strengthening souls. It’s incredible to now see my heart beat outside of me… She has given me all the right values. I miss her a lot, ‘ Trump added. Mom had that special “mommish” way of making people feel special. Mother’s Day serves as a great reminder for one to do just that. I don’t gift Maa anything.

It was in 1907 that Jarvis proposed that one day be set aside each year to honor mothers. “Mother’s Day programs are hard to plan”.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, all of us are suddenly starting to think about our mothers and the tremendous impact they have on us. Still, if you hear a rumble coming from southeastern Pennsylvania Sunday, May 13, it just might be Anna Jarvis turning over in her grave. Lunch and swim for the kids.

She was also arrested and sent to jail in 1932 for a public escapade involving white carnations.

And so once a year we pay homage to you, and the rest of the year we watch you struggle with our arms folded and a smirk on our lips that allows us to revere the importance of motherhood in vague generalities while washing our hands of having to deal with you individually. She thought her idea of Mother’s Day was misinterpreted and demanded how it should be a personal feeling towards mothers. I couldn’t be more blessed for my mom.

For a lifetime of love, caring and even preaching with bouts of punishment, Mom deserves more than one day of recognition.

But for now, all I can say is that you are always with me, just in a different way, and I love you still. I love your spirit.

Mother’s Day is pretty typical across most households: The day often starts with breakfast in bed for mom, or maybe a family brunch, followed by gift giving – which runs the gamut from spa certificates to “World’s Best Mom” T-shirts, to handmade coupons that allow mom to get out of doing some housework for the day. They’re taking time out of their day and their lives to make sacrifices for me.

Sonakshi Sinha: Happy Mothers day to my first role model, my first love and my first friend!

The origins of this celebration date back to the Ancient Greek times, but the way which it is celebrated today began in America in 1908. What do I say? However, I never will lose hope since I know I will always have a mother to stand by me even in my worst of days and situations. Can you believe it? Ever since I had my son, I’ve stopped smoking, and I use my free time to spend quality time with him. “I selected five stories based on those I connected to – I should be able to do justice to them in my story telling”.

She was a “tough old cookie.” fiery Irish temper.

Mary Anne Mac Leod Trump