We’re Failing the US Citizens of Puerto Rico

On Sept. 30, the CEO of PACIV, an global engineering firm based in Puerto Rico, Jorge Rodriguez, warned the U.S. Congress about the Puerto Rican government’s alleged inability to handle an influx of funds and aid. What Hurricane Irma did not destroy, Maria did.

“SCF is reaching out to students affected by the recent hurricanes”, said Dr. Richard Barnhouse, vice president for strategic enrollment management. Vamos4PR members called on the federal government to provide Puerto Rico with all the aid it needs and eliminate the island’s public debt. How are people going to get medicine? Anthony Suarez is the president of Florida’s Puerto Rico Bar Association, and he’s helping coordinate the program. “Regardless of what people say, right now Puerto Rico is still struggling, and I don’t see light at the tunnel”.

Elionet Saez Martin, of Puerto Rico, left, works with his kindergarten teacher, Rachael Leupold, at Chamberlain Elementary School in New Britain, Conn., last week.

MS and New Mexico, in that order, are the two poorest states in the United States.

But school districts that take in extra students may not get extra money unless the new students equal at least 5 percent of district enrollment or 25 percent of a school’s, according to information the Florida Department of Education sent to school districts today. These residents, together with our greater Latino population, make up almost 20 percent of our City.

“The president’s remarks do, however, strengthen Puerto Rico’s hand in negotiations with creditors”, the adviser said.

President Donald Trump believed to be throwing a toilet paper into a crown while visiting Puerto Rico.

According to the EDGI report, one subsection of FEMA data, titled “Power Restoration and Fuel Impacts”, was completely removed, while other bullet points on water access and a logistics snapshot for the storm were taken out as well. While some have moved on to other, newsier stories, she’s calling on them to be mindful of the millions of Americans in the Caribbean still desperately in need of assistance even after the country’s leaders return to Washington.

The experience of people like Santiago – who sells his decorative plants throughout the Caribbean to places like Costco – already leading to more of an interest in alternative energy.

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