WEATHER UPDATES: 5 tornadoes confirmed; flood warnings issued; more severe storms forecast

The river rose to 18 feet during the 2011 flood but the town did not flood.

The weather service’s Tulsa office said Monday evening that an EF-1 twister with winds speeds of up to 110 miles per hour touched down about 1:30 a.m. Friday in Holiday Island in Carroll County.

Never attempt to walk or drive through flooded areas to avoid a potentially deadly situation. Meanwhile other waterways are swollen, like the Des Plaines River.

About three weeks ago, a bout of rain and snow caused flooding in the Comstock Park area and drove Kathy Whittington and her family from their home off Willow Drive NE. Later tonight, the river will fall back to below flood stage.

As many as six separate storm systems have traversed the state of Oklahoma throughout April, but State Climatologist Gary McManus said the worst was saved for last. That’s also the approximate level the Great River Road, also known as Illinois Route 100, to Grafton is closed and Wood River levee structures are closed. “I really thought when we got out of our neighborhood, there would be damage everywhere”. “It’s hurtful when your basement floods obviously and you can’t get into your house and you gotta get out and all of those types of things”, Tom Kummer said. Several roads are closed and will remain closed until further notice as the floodwaters continue to recede.

The high winds in our area have led to some power outages.

After a very wet weekend, we will be watching our river levels very closely over the next few days.

“It is heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least”, Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett told reporters at a news conference Sunday morning. Also, while there is no severe weather expected for the remainder of this week, the area is forecast to receive an additional two inches or so of rain Wednesday through Thursday that will drop on already over-saturated ground.

Heavy rains expected today and Sunday