Waukesha’s ‘Bachelor,’ Nick Viall, bestows his final rose

But, Raven has enough reasons to be happy about.

One of the qualities Nick admires most about Vanessa is she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Once I saw Vanessa, I kind of calmed my nerves. Here’s everything you need tonight about the final episode.

The spoiler site claims that the big announcement, which is also a “Bachelor first”, doesn’t have anything to do with Nick Viall, his alleged victor, Vanessa Grimaldi, or even the rumored runner-up, Raven Gates.

Tonight will be three hours of live Bacheloraction, the first two will be regular Monday-night actionand the last hour will beAfter the Final Rose. When will The Bachelor’s Nick and Vanessa get married?

Chris Soules is weighing in Nick Viall’s journey to find love!

Former bachelorette, Alexis, also supported what everyone else was thinking and that couldn’t have been easy for her, either.

“I’m very attracted to a strong, confident woman”, he said at the season’s start. That makes Us think that day went pretty well, not to mention that Nick’s dad also noted Raven’s “maturity” and Nick told his mom he “more than just really like [s]” Raven. I’m sorry, full-time special-education teacher? Raven apologizes for not getting emotional over the break-up and nearly coming off as if she didn’t care, she was just in total shock and was trying to process what had just happened.

And the two certainly aren’t going to let Viall’s upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars get in the way of their relationship. But, Chris wants to talk about Raven Gates first. And when she said “I know”, when he told her he’d miss her, she officially became our all time favorite! I wrote last week about how Vanessa is way too real for this show, and in this episode she voices that she doesn’t want Nick to propose to her just because he likes her slightly better than Raven.

“If he picks anybody, it’ll be Vanessa”, Soules candidly declared, before revealing that he’s also got a crush on the Canadian beauty – but “hopes” it works out for Viall. Four. If you want to believe that this show is about truly finding love, that’s a lot to put a family and a heart through.

Now, Raven’s fans are upset because Nick has not choses her. “Things are going to happen and you have to be able to face your fears together”. Nick told her he has never questioned how she felt or how honest her feelings were, which made Raven feel like Nick totally “got” her.

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