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The story between Dwight and Sherri is a touching one and it could grow into something bigger than what we can now see, reported The Independent.

We meet the Doctor, who knows more about Dwight, Sherry and Negan than he should, but that appears to not be a problem.

Later in the comics, as war between the communities reaches a boiling point, Eugene does indeed fall into Negan’s hands. And while he at first seems willing to help two of Negan’s wives concoct a suicide capsule for another of their lot, he pulls back, saying he knows the pills are actually meant to kill Negan. Eugene had to take one for Team Alexandria following Rosita’s failed attempt to kill Negan with one of his ammos. That’s not immediately revealed to us but all the signs were there well before Dwight finds her letter.

Meanwhile, Dwight is being put through the ringer for Daryl’s escape, as well as the disappearance of Sherry, Dwight’s ex, who is now one of Negan’s wives.

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead saw Eugene adjust to life inside Negan’s camp where he is a valuable asset to Negan and is told he no longer needs to be scared. You know you’re a coward. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and how to play a situation to his advantage.

I was not able to see enough of the Academy Awards to proclaim a victor, but I can say that this week’s “TWD” was potent for a slice-of-life episode and did not include Justin Timberlake making me eager to go back to Bill Withers’ original recording of “Lovely Day”.

This show is full of surprises, we’ll just have to wait and see.

At the dinner party, Eugene was playing Pac-Man, but Frankie was not impressed with the events and opted to get drunk on the bed. Did we not see that clever/sly smirk on his face as he walked away from Negan?

But this week he moves from fear that Negan, the Saviors leader, will punish him to a chilling understanding and execution of what it will take to survive. But we still have to wonder where Eugene’s true loyalties lie? Or is he a Savior through and through now? It’s confirmed in this episode that it was Sherry who released Daryl, but Dwight defends her as being innocent every step of the way.

After failing to find Sherry, Dwight heads back to the Sanctuary and decides to set someone else up for Daryl’s escape. Heartbroken and dejected, Dwight places the pretzels and beer down on the table and leaves for The Sanctuary, without having found Sherry. He can’t look at her the same way, and he definitely isn’t okay with her arrangement.

Negan, even though he seems to have lost a bit of his bite, tends to bring out the best – and worst – in everyone.

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will already know that Negan is not the type of person to extend an olive branch. “What the hell do you think this is?”

Dwight’s arc here ends up being the very opposite of redemptive. For a guy as spineless as Eugene (and you’ve got to respect the fact that he makes no secret of it), there’s probably something appealing about submitting to the will of a dictator – he probably feels liberated by the lack of options.

So, who is acting and who isn’t? They’re helping Rick for the eventual payoff, not because they’re loyal to him like his own people are. But he is not quite the same Eugene that was taken from Alexandria.

By the end, Dwight has proven his worth to Negan by solving the rotting-corpse conundrum that’s turning the zombie playland into a mess. But who, except for Dwight, could incite it?

– “I am indeed a smartypants”. The second is that, within the Saviors at least, you have to ask women if you want to get literally anything done. “Well, I was gifted these pickles”.

Out of the frying pan, into the. you get the idea. You didn’t want to live in that world and I made you. “I’m not lawful, neutral, or chaotic – none of the above”.

– “I’m gonna call it a grimly gunk”.

– “We’ve all done things”. “I’m not.” “Ice cold”. “That is a correct assessment”, he replies, without even flinching.

One character who might not remain “Negan” for long? “I have always been Negan”. “I was Negan before I even met you”.

Alongside this narrative is the arrival of Eugene into the Savior stronghold, who is nearly comically terrified following Spencer’s gut-spilling death. “I loved who you were, I’m sorry I made you into who you are”.

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