Washington golfers defy ‘apocalypse’ to finish their round

In the western US, annual average temperatures have increased by 2 degrees Celcius and the fire season has grown by three months since the 1970s, leading to “new era of western wildfires”, according to a recent study led by University of Colorado Boulder wildfire experts, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. North of the border in Canada, British Columbia has already had an “unprecedented” fire season.

There are 76 forest fires burning across nine USA states with smoke so pronounced that it can be viewed from space.

There have been more than 1,296 fires this year than last year, with more than 30,000 acres burned in Cal Fire jurisdiction, McLean said.

Around 60 separate fires are now burning from the southwest in California, to the northwest in Washington.

McLean said fire season in California has become a year-long affair.

Incident Management Teams from across the region have been fighting several big wildfires across the state, but most years, those efforts are wrapping up by now.

Oregon’s congressional delegation is fighting to get emergency funding for wildfires in the Pacific Northwest by tacking such aid onto a disaster-relief bill for Hurricane Harvey.

Wildfires have been getting larger, and causing more damage, and will continue to do so, various studies have concluded. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.

In a letter to the White House on Thursday, the two Democrats said they do not intend to return blue slips for Ryan Bounds “or any other nominee that has not been selected through our judicial process”. But here in the American West, there are some states dealing with their own natural disasters, large out-of-control wildfires. The fire is not expected to be contained until November.

Wyden said this proposal falls in line with a national idea that disasters should be handled by all citizens.

Large-scale wildfires in parts of Montana, Washington, and OR require interagency cooperation and hundreds of firefighters for progress to be made.

A 2015 study found that those costs had risen from 16 percent in 1995 to just over half of the Forest Service budget.

But this most recent weather system has given fire crews some breathing room.

Other state officials have requested federal help with Oregon’s historic fire season.

Reportedly, Kristi McCluer saw the smoke rising from trees in Eagle Creek on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

A Canadian tanker making a drop at the Caribou Fire in Montana