VIDEO Take on a Death Star in Battlefront DLC

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The biggest further is a new diversion mode called Battle Station. This mode is an conflict on a Death Star itself, with players fighting both outward in ships and on a belligerent in a large orb. Imperial players are once again given a gauge to stop them, and it’s here that a DLC’s new favourite characters – Chewbacca for a Rebels and a annuity hunter Bossk for a Imperials – turn accessible to play.

Publisher Electronic Arts teased a subsequent collection of downloadable calm deploying for Star Wars Battlefront in a latest gameplay trailer, divulgence that players will shortly be means to mountain an conflict on a Death Star with assistance from a strange film trilogy’s Wookiee star Chewbacca. If we wish to know some-more about these characters, including any one’s special moves and abilities, check out a blog post on a EA website.

Star Wars Battlefront has seen visit DLC expansions after a Nov 2015 launch, introducing new maps and playable characters over a past several months.

The enlargement will be accessible for giveaway for Season Pass holders, while those but a Season Pass can squeeze a enlargement alone for $14.99/£11.99/€14.99. If we do not have a Season Pass, they can still be bought for $49.99.

The Battlefront Death Star DLC is a third Star Wars DLC expansion. Add in John Williams flawless measure and those locations and you’ve flattering most already got my money. Electronic Arts and DICE have chose to let us in on a small look forward of launch, and this looks like it competence be value a cost of admission.