‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 8, Series Finale Spoilers

It’s hard to believe that after almost nine years and eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries will be airing their show’s finale tonight, March 10. It has also been revealed that the finale would see the reunion of Damon played by Ian Somerhalder and Elena played by Nina Dobrev.

According to our sister site Netflix Life, The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is coming to Netflix next week. “We’re not pulling a bait and switch of Elena not being awake”. Elena’s character had just lost her parents.

Bonnie devised a plan to redirect Katherine’s hellfire through the tunnels to save the town. Rumors said that Stefan will repay Damon by letting him take the cure from his blood.

“I’ll miss Damon. I will miss Stefan”. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

We sure hope we get to see more of Klaus and Caroline in the future! “Are you seriously going to stand here and argue with me over who needs this redemption more?” “First we have to get The Originals into a season five – fingers crossed – and then if that happens, the door is wide open”, she said hopefully. “All we wanted to do was basically say, look, this was a relationship that was important to us too, so we’re not going to ignore it…”

“Earlier, Bonnie’s heart stopped”, Stefan explains. All Elena did at the time was nod, so the message was a mystery. At 10 p.m., all of Mystic Falls, including Elena’s body, will burn.

Somerhalder deadpans that it “depends on if it [we] outlived it by virtue of shoving it down everyone’s faces, and the market wasn’t necessarily asking for it”, while the others argue that this particular vein of supernatural stories will never go out of style.

Elena wakes up in the school. It’s all so sad and so happy at the same time! Unfortunately, it’s also when her friends realized Elena was sired to Damon. Caroline and Alaric start the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted with special donations from Klaus. Bonnie was supposed to live a full life and grow old, but as Bonnie tells Elena, “I can be with Enzo now…”

When it came to Zach Roerig’s final scene, the actor struggled to separate his real-life emotions from those of his character, Matt Donovan.

Elena writes in her diary that Damon’s biggest fear continues to be never seeing his brother again. Thanks to him, Mystic Falls was saved.

Sure, the mythology of the season with Cade and the Sirens and the MacGuffin bell are all there in the background, but how the show got here isn’t almost as important as what the characters do to fix everything in the end, which feels like the exact right choice for a series finale.

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