US May Not Make Two States a Precondition for Mideast Peace

Trump has said he wants to apply his skills as a dealmaker to bringing peace to the Middle East, something that has eluded so many American presidents before him.

Bennett’s outrage came days after his brother Martellus, who also backed out of the trip to Israel, rejected the offer to visit President Donald Trump when the New England Patriots are honoured at the White House for winning the Super Bowl.

And the stage directions appear to have changed. “But we are looking at that, and we are looking at some other options we’ll see”.

The February 15th meeting, marking the first official parlay between the two world leaders, is seen as a watershed moment by the right wing, which believes Trump’s administration will be much more lenient – and possibly even permissive – on the issue of Israel’s so-called “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

Last week, while Netanyahu was in London meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett of the extreme-right Jewish Home party rammed through parliament a “land-grab” law that retroactively legalizes West Bank outposts. The administration has now outlined its overall goal: “To navigate a policy that encourages genuine peace talks with the Palestinians while maintaining the image of ironclad U.S. support for the Jewish state”.

Observers expect Trump and Netanyahu to get on well in public. “We must act with responsibility and rationality”.

Mr. Trump is expected to meet with Netanyahu in Washington Wednesday. And this is coming from someone who actually lives on some of that land. White House spokesman Sean Spicer issued a statement that warned that any expansion of settlements “may not be helpful” to the peace process.

Mr Trump also said he planned on moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Lieberman has long called for a mass exchange of territory and population between the occupied Palestinian territories and Tel Aviv.

The meeting will set the tone for U.S.

Presidential candidates tend to make huge pronouncements on everything.

On the other hand, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whom he has given the file to – and President Trump says of Kushner that if he can’t do the deal nobody can.

“I hear and understand that there is great excitement ahead of this meeting, with all different kinds of motivation behind it, but I have only one motivation: My supreme consideration is to be concerned, first of all, for the security of the State of Israel, to strengthen the steadfast alliance with the USA, and to strengthen our other national interests”, Netanyahu said. The embassy is not an easy decision. “But I think we’ll find out more about that tomorrow”, the official said yesterday.

I was scheduled to make a visit to Israel with fellow National Football League players. Author of “The End of Greatness: Why America Can’t Have (and Doesn’t Want) Another Great President”.

Expressing her “deep disappointment” about the Conservative government’s unwillingness to recognise a State of Palestine, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry urged a rethink, saying: “Now is the time”. It belongs exclusively to the Jews since this is where their Temple once stood and where they pray at the Western Wall.

Speaking of a peace deal, Trump just can not seem to resist the idea of making the ultimate deal – peace between Israel and the Palestinians. “Inconceivable that it was made”, he said. I disagree with them.

Both men are fierce critics of the Obama-spearheaded deal signed with the Islamic Republic in 2015, and Trump reiterated his criticism to Israel Hayom. Donald Trump lavished praise on Israel on the campaign trail.

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