UK Conservatives pledge no tax hike for top earners as vote nears

Mr Corbyn hit out at US President Donald Trump over his decision to pull out of the Paris climate change deal – and Mrs May’s decision not to sign a letter with other European Union leaders condemning the move.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is on course to win Thursday’s election by a much smaller margin than previously predicted, opinion polls showed on Saturday, as her campaign stumbled again, this time over taxation for the wealthy.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Britain’s Labour Party, led by bearded lefty Jeremy Corbyn, was staring into a bleak abyss.

Yet as voting day looms, those fears are looking less and less likely. The Tories have had a shit campaign and Jeremy has had a good one, so the Labour vote hasn’t collapsed.

Some tough questions for the Labour leader.

However, there was better news for Mrs May when voters were asked about some of the specific stances taken by Mr Corbyn. And secondly, could the polls just be wrong?

Mrs May was also confronted by two voters who had been called to work capability assessments over mental health conditions, one of whom said she had been waiting nearly two years for NHS counselling.

Sanders pointed out similarities between anti-establishment movements that he and Corbyn have pushed.

WAKEFIELD, ENGLAND Until the Brexit referendum last June, Mr Gary Hill had never voted.

She is already having a hard time explaining to voters what she means by “Brexit means Brexit” and “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Asked if he would still like to be finance minister after the election, Hammond told the BBC: “Of course I would, that’s a silly question”.

But things weren’t so simple.

Mulligan’s view of the prime minister has darkened as the campaign has progressed and she now regards May as both uncaring and untrustworthy.

As so often, neither Mrs May nor Mr Corbyn emerged as the clear victor from the Question Time debates.

Theresa May has said it is her “firm intention” to reduce taxes for ordinary working families if she is returned to power in the General Election on Thursday.

There was no gentle warming up, with the opening questioner accusing her of “broken promises and backtracking”. Her position as prime ministers may well be weaker, not stronger, on June 9th.

“I had the balls to call an election”, she retorted at one point, using distinctly unparliamentary language.

Trident and the use of nuclear weapons quickly became the topical issue as Corbyn seemed somewhat awkward when pushed on the issue.

I don’t know what she was doing – Britain’s Got Talent was on the other side so maybe she shut the curtains and hoped it would all just go away.

Do you want to know the real victor was though tonight?

His stance won support from some.

Almost 3 million more people voted in the referendum than at the 2015 national election, with the biggest increases in leave-supporting areas, like Wakefield in northern England.

A nurse complained his pay had fallen 14 per cent in real terms.

“It’s not that there isn’t the money, it’s that there isn’t the priority from this Government to fully fund our public services and more importantly to give a pay rise to our public servants in the NHS and elsewhere in the public sector”.

Mrs May was unapologetic.

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