Twitter Plans to roll out more advanced feature to block ‘abusive content’


Twitter, which has become famous for its unique ‘following and tweeting’ feature, is now under pressure to bring some feature which allows users to combat ‘abusive content’ more precisely.

In past few months, the company has received tons of complaints about cyberbullying, online harassment or abusive content. And finally, the company is making a move and bringing a feature which will allow a user to filter content based on phrases or words.

At present Twitter already has ‘mute’ feature which just blocks the tweets of an account but seeing the current situation, when the abusers make another account without any hassle, it has become necessary to upgrade the tweeting features.

The upcoming feature will allow users to block the tweets containing some ‘particular’ words or phrases.

The update will be available in few days for all types of users, explained by the Twitter in an official blog post.

A social media expert said that in recent past, twitter has failed miserably in maintaining the perfect balance between free speech and hate speech and for that the company suffered millions of criticism.

In last July, Twitter had banned few accounts permanently after the famous American comedian and actress, Leslie Jones, left the platform saying that she had suffered severe harassment.

Twitter in a blog post cleared that the company is working on a more advanced feature to tackle these issues. The company has also said that the new update will have several internal features to avoid such kind of content.