Trump to give video address at embassy opening

Dozens of people took part in the attack, the military said, adding that they believe it was created to “sabotage humanitarian efforts that Israel other countries carry out”.

Since it began, the Israeli army has killed more than 45 Palestinians, wounded almost 8,000 others, including more than 2,000 by live ammunition, according to the Gaza-based Palestinian health ministry.

The slain man identified as the 40-year-old Jabr Salem Abu Mustafa was protesting east of Khan Younis in southern Gaza on Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported.

Yehiyeh Sinwar said the crowds will be unarmed, peaceful but “like a starving tiger” in pent-up anger and unpredictability. He claimed that Israel’s borders were not internationally recognised and did not have to be respected.

“Despite growing global criticism”.

U.S. President Donald Trump sparked outrage across the Muslim world in December in announcing the relocation of the U.S. Embassy and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas politburo chief, told demonstrators in eastern Gaza Strip that “we will tell Trump, who is moving his embassy to Jerusalem that Jerusalem is an Arab and Islamic city and we won’t let either Trump or Netanyahu to change it”.

Israel has said it will defend its border.

Some 1.3 million of Gaza’s 1.9 million inhabitants are refugees or are descendant from those who were displaced by the fighting that broke out 70 years ago. From there, smaller groups moved closer to the border fence. No Israelis have been hurt, though protesters have thrown stones and rolled burning tyres towards soldiers along the border. It said incendiary kites were also launched, some of which were intercepted by Israeli drones.

Israeli soldiers fired live rounds and volleys of tear gas.

Although the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset, the Supreme Court and most other government buildings are located in Jerusalem, the Defense Ministry and the Israel Defense Forces are in the HaKirya section of Tel Aviv.

Today’s festivity comes as part of the Culture Palace’s series of activities on Palestinian farmland, just metres from the Israeli border. The Hamas-led demonstrations are aimed at breaking the decade-long Israeli and Egyptian blockade on the coastal strip.

Egypt opens the crossing from time to time, mainly to allow people in special categories, including medical patients and Gaza residents studying overseas, to leave the territory or return to it.

It was the seventh weekly protest, and a preview of what is expected to be a much larger border rally on Monday and Tuesday.

Israelis may be anxious but Palestinians in Gaza have actually been killed