Trump Staff “Irrational” About Immigration: Senior Republican Senator

This is what a prestigious British newspaper “The Independent” has written on the first anniversary of Trump’s presidency: “It has been nothing less than a roller coaster first 12 months in the White House for the 45th President of the United States”.

But before I list my reasons for thinking this, in the interests of full transparency, I must state, I am a Republican.

“He said “s-house” and not “s-hole”.

“After a year in office, in fact, perhaps the most reliable guide to Trump’s unpredictable presidency may well be his oft-stated preference for doing exactly what Obama would not or could not on foreign policy”.

On January 27, 2017, Trump had gone on to sign the first travel ban Executive Order that halted Syrian refugees and barred citizens from seven countries to enter the United States.

His staging mastery rest on his keen knowledge and sixth-sense of how strategic presidential moves drive ratings on broadcast media and pull eyeballs on social media. I am, and always have been, period! Why?

And with the midterm elections approaching, there are fresh fears among Republicans who were already anxious over the political climate going into November – and over Trump’s unpredictable actions.

Trump’s physician – Navy doctor Ronny Jackson – says the president achieved a ideal score on the test, which was included in last Friday’s medical checkup. It’s also raised the question of how an unauthorised biographer was able to hang around inside the White House for hours on end to gain his claimed access to Trump himself and his inner circle. As if using the word “shit” to describe people of color was not what mattered, because it is not only a disgusting racial insult, but a factor that defines the president’s immigration policy. It also means more than confronting a president who doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong.

Civil rights groups, USA lawmakers condemn president’s latest slurs.

How can the world take us seriously if our own people are convinced that living a life of squalor and humiliation in the West is better than being home and taking a chance with life by attempting to cross deadly seas?

The numbers talk for themselves.

The economy has continued to improve under President Trump, with the unemployment rate falling from 4.8 to 4.1, and GDP growth ticking upward. The president had his share of victories and setbacks amid a backdrop of Twitter storms and, at times, raging rhetoric.

We are calling for Africa, the AU, SADC and the world to take action against America and its president. With this, approval rating for President Trump among black likely voters have doubled.

The president left Palm Beach County Monday afternoon. His history and the context of his remarks make it clear that he was acting on a primitive impulse to denigrate poorer nations with large nonwhite populations.

No other president has perfected the art of lying more effectively than Trump, who has managed, in an unprecedented year in office, to normalise lying from the Oval Office with the support of a cast that includes professional distorter s and other racists in charge of drafting policies.

He’s pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, Trans Pacific Partnership, is sceptical of Iran’s nuclear deal, recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and has laid into key allies like UK PM Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull. But right now, everybody needs to cool off and go back to having rational discussions about Dreamers.

Trump’s tumultuous first year in office – a fulfillment of campaign promises for many of his supporters, an embarrassment to his opponents – ended with the federal government shutting down Saturday after Congress hit an impasse over spending. “I spoke to one of those friends”.

In Trump’s inaugural year, he has brought the “art of modern celebrity” inside The White House – way beyond conventional Hollywood and NY establishment – and that really gets under “some folks’ skin”.

Trump’s body mass index, or BMI, of 29.9 puts him in the category of being overweight for his height.

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