Trump rips mainstream media for ignoring March for Life…again

Days after his speech at the CIA Memorial Wall, where he brought up his inaugural crowd size, his appearance on magazine covers and his opposition to the media, Trump insisted the negative coverage wasn’t a reflection of the backlash his speech garnered from officials like former CIA Director John Brennan.

With NBC all encores and ABC mainly in repeats, President Donald Trump was the big ticket of Wednesday night with a one-hour special on the Disney-owned network. I got a standing ovation. “He says quite simply that they’re not paying”.

“The whole premise of the original program was that the techniques did not fit the legal definition of torture”, John Rizzo, who was acting Central Intelligence Agency general counsel, said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports.

Muir did not respond to Trump’s comment, instead saying he did not “want to compare crowd sizes again”.

Trump first slammed the media in an interview with ABC News. And I campaigned on the wall. I would’ve gone to California where I didn’t go at all.

According to Politico, a spokesperson from ABC News explained, “When the marketing team created the promo, they included the wrong image by mistake”. This simply is not true. Do you sense the responsibility to reach out now and to unite them?

When Muir pointed out that the Dow had reached the historic 20,000 mark that day, Trump said proudly, “It’s gone up a lot since I won”. In the clip, the President tells ABC News that construction of a border wall will begin “in months”. Not right away, he said, because that would hold up construction.

Former President Barack Obama ended the CIA’s interrogation program while in office; agents now follow Army guidelines, which prohibit waterboarding and torture.

Muir introduced the taped interview, meanwhile, from in front of the “World News Tonight” curved video wall with footage from the interview along with the full logotype shown along with a subtle blue background with a star pattern. When Muir asked about this statement, the president repeated his belief.

“What you have presented so far has been debunked; it has been proven false”, said Muir when he asked Trump about incorrect allegations of voter fraud, adding that Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham had also called the claims false. He also tried to change the subject to the pro-life march taking place in Washington on Friday, suggesting it would be just as large.

In fact: Trump was trying to use a 2012 Pew report as supposed evidence of widespread voter fraud. And if they didn’t vote, it would’ve been different in the popular. Part of that is when they try and demean me unfairly because we had a massive crowd of people. “And he was laughing at the system because he knew all of those votes were going to him”. I’m very good at this stuff.And why not? “That speech, if you look at FOX. they said it was one of the great speeches”.

He said he’s calling for the probe because he wants “the voting process to be legitimate”. But I believe it did happen.

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