Trump lashes out at Democrats on border safety, DACA

Democratic leaders chose Rep. Joe Kennedy of MA to deliver the Democratic response to Trump’s address and Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman to deliver the Spanish-language response.

“Hello, I’m Adam Smith”.

As your representative in Congress, I read the Constitution and did my job. And sadly, no matter what occurs in Congress, it’s very likely that reality won’t change at all – at least, not for the next three years. Yet he voted last week to obstruct funding of the federal government, creating unnecessary chaos and confusion among Virginia’s CHIP recipients, federal employees and members of the military.

Trump tapped into that anxiety to win the election, pledging to build a wall along the southern border and make Mexico pay for it. It’s time to govern, but they’re not doing it. Citizenship should be reserved for those who enter America legally. The hardliners in the White House are exploiting the plight of the dreamers in the most cynical way, trying to use them as leverage in pursuit of their nativist agenda.

Reality No. 1: It’s not quite true that Republicans control both chambers of Congress.

“According to many polls, the American people want to support DACA”, Tzoumis said.

If we are to have restrictions on immigration, they ought to be reasonable, allow for family unification, operate in sync with the labor market and give refuge to those fleeing disaster and persecution. Our infrastructure. We have a crumbling infrastructure in this country estimated to have a $600 billion backfill. “No one-whether it be administration officials, Republicans or the president himself-should get in the way and undermine the investigation, and so Democrats will seek to add protections for Mueller in the ongoing budget negotiations”. Neither of them should hold government funding hostage to pursue legislative victories, whether it’s a vain attempt to repeal Obamacare or get exactly their way on immigration.

“We have had hrrible hurricanes a year ago hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands”. “We cannot afford to kick the can down the road any further”. As for any meaningful work behind the scenes, we’ve yet to hear of it.

Of course, the framing that this is going to be a bipartisan speech assumes that there will be messaged discipline, that President Trump will stick to the script. “They are part of the Trump Administration’s unmistakable campaign to make America white again”.

DACA recipients are shining examples of upstanding young people the government has no right to vilify.

Democrats were even more terrified by another Republican talking point, that Democrats are more interested in protecting newcomers than native-born Americans.

In the government shutdown crisis that Congress moved to resolve on January 22, or at least put on pause, there were so-called leaders who saw an opportunity to score cheap political points. Many people now fear for their lives, despite having lived in the U.S. for decades. That tax cut even comes at the expense, in some cases, of middle class people.

But here’s the thing: almost everyone, Democrat and Republican, wants to protect dreamers. That working people in the middle class can benefit from. You’ll see what happens when you try. You need to fix old fencing.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said Sunday that the Democrats would seek to introduce a provision to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the Justice Department’s Russian Federation investigation, to the budget resolution that is under consideration by Congress. To sweeten the deal, Republicans included a long-sought six-year extension of the $16 billion Children’s Health Insurance Program, whose funding expired on September 30. We’re still not going to do it.

With a new deadline of February 8, Trump made a decision to give his thoughts with a pair of aggressive tweets [VIDEO].

DETROW: That’s right. The White House is framing this as a bipartisan speech, a salesmanship speech. But when Americans next voted, Democratic President Bill Clinton won in 1996, and congressional Republicans in 2014, suggesting future events will influence ultimate judgments.

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