Trump is preparing to roll back Obama’s protections for transgender students

She was called names.

Those who worked with DeVos before she was a cabinet secretary have argued the opposite.

As Secretary of Education, DeVos will enforce education regulations as well as review old and propose new regulations.

Fischer could have – should have – drawn attention to what is working in Nebraska by voting against DeVos. The vote to elect her in was split 50-50 and Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie breaking vote-this is the first this has happened since 1979. DeVos was introduced for confirmation by former Democratic senator, Joe Lieberman. “An infusion of choice and competition to our system will rattle the education establishment for the better, and I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes for our students across this great country”. California Teacher Association capo Eric Heins referred to the nomination as “a blow to our nation”.

Todd Mann is the executive director of Magnet Schools of America. “Even the worst countries don’t sh*t on their own kids”. What does Russell’s obvious dislike for President Trump have to do with Betsy DeVos? “That is not an exaggeration in any sense”. At the end of her visit, DeVos gave a brief statement to reporters saying that she thought the school was “awesome”.

Kids under IDEA cost a lot to educate, and many of them are not going to be attractive to the kind of charters and private schools that DeVos will seek to promote as DOE Secretary. Because at this point, the status quo is a public education system that is being smothered and dismantled by people who lack expertise in education and belief in the promise of public education. The guidelines are nonbinding, but the Obama administration had warned that schools not following them could be found in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination, and face a loss of federal funding.

Our new president has pledged to get rid of the Department of Education or “cut it way down”.

I would love to see a change in the rhetoric about failing schools. Its sole focus is on improving education outcomes.

Sophomore Jeremy Langdale, who studies Adolescent Education, shares the same doubts about DeVos that Pankowski does. Furthermore, in the highly decentralized U.S. Department of Education, the system of checks and balances works very well. Democrats seized on her rocky hearing hearing to paint DeVos as a horseman of the educational apocalypse.

What’s made DeVos such a target? “We’ve always had a standards-based curriculum for the last 30, 40 years, and so it’s just new, stronger standards”.

While the establishmentarians are choice-phobic, parents aren’t.

School choice is a good idea in theory. “For me, that was the most concerning thing, that she wasn’t going to be an advocate for them”.

Across the country, more than 4,300 magnet schools serve almost 3.5 million students each year to teach them STEM and art skills – even how to be a firefighter. In addition, Act 195, Act 90 and Act 35 provide textbooks, instructional materials and equipment, loaned free of charge, to students who attend nonpublic schools in grades K-12. The goal was to re-examine the successes and failures of public education, and seek out new ways to help students learn to critically think and problem solve, communicate effectively, and achieve academically, socially and professionally. Our schools are public schools that have a proud history steeped in the civil rights movement.

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