Trump invites super-fan to speak at rally

The media could not defeat us during the campaign despite their lies, he said. Trump said the media has their own agenda, and it is not “your agenda”. He also hinted he had a favorite.

“I just heard that the crowds are massive that want to be there”, the president said later in the day to members of the media.

“Everybody wants to enjoy this”, said Lacey.

People had lined up for hours in the muggy heat to see him, some of them making the trip from quite far.

President Donald Trump is out of Washington for the weekend.

What’s slightly different about Trump’s planned rally, however, is that it will be funded Trump’s 2020 White House campaign.

She also said her husband “is creating a country of great safety and prosperity”.

“Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5pm for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!” he tweeted.

“I want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news”, Trump told the cheering crowd. For the next 45 minutes he returned to his familiar themes ofthe wall on the US-Mexico border, keeping out unvetted immigrants, the unreliable judiciary, and America’s return to greatness. A new twist for this rally though was Trump pulling a devoted fan on stage and letting him speak for a few seconds.

“I’ve got a six-foot cardboard box of President Trump in my house and I salute that every single day”, Huber told CNN’s Pamela Brown.

The president has been trying refocus after reports of disarray and dysfunction within his administration.

The rally was put on by Trump’s campaign, not the White House.

Watch the above video clips for more on the campaign rally. “If you have a high school education you can understand it, if you were a bad student in high school you can understand it”, Trump said of the statute.

Trump appeared to be contemplating a second term two weeks after his November 8 election victory over Hillary Clinton.

He also quoted former President Thomas Jefferson in saying “nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper”.

The supporter – identified as Gene Huber by CNN, which broadcast the rally live – said he was first in line at the rally. Ever. I’ve never been into politics in my life. “They’re fun and Trump’s a hell of a showman”. The same way he did in SC on Friday.

Trump promised his administration would try again to implement strict controls over immigration, pledging a new executive order early next week.

The president planned to interview at least four potential candidates for the job of national security adviser, a position unexpectedly open after Michael Flynn’s firing early this week.

Landing on Air Force One as the sun set near a hangar filled with thousands of people, Trump revelled in the crowd and listed promises he had kept, including starting the process of building a wall on the USA border with Mexico, deporting immigrants, and pulling the country out of a trade agreement with Asian nations. Trump’s first choice to replace Flynn – retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward – turned down the offer.

Trump to Celebrate Rough Week With Florida Rally on Saturday