Trump delays White House meeting with Putin over ‘Russia witch-hunt’

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he believes Russian Federation will work overtime to oppose Republicans in November’s midterm congressional elections, despite Vladimir Putin’s admisson last week that he wanted Trump to win in 2016.

It was, after all, given to the president by the leader of Russian Federation, a country who is no stranger to all sorts of hacking – including the 2016 US election.

The omission muddles the meaning of Putin’s response to the question, in which he confirmed for the first time that he wanted Trump to win the 2016 presidential election.

Udall said public records show money from former Soviet states and Russian Federation itself are reportedly tied to Trump properties in SoHo, N.Y., as well as Panama and Toronto. Just 8 percent of Americans said the president is too tough on Russian Federation, and that idea received weak support, regardless of where the respondent fell on the political spectrum.

The US administration stepped up its damage control operation and on Wednesday also delayed a second summit with the Kremlin chief until next year. While 54 per cent said it was legitimate, 40 per cent think it is a witch-hunt.

Several Democrats pointed to a Russian readout of last week’s meeting that suggested he reached a deal to cooperate on security in Syria, where the Russian government is backing the regime of President Bashar Assad, while the USA has been backing rebels. Markey said he fears the “being taken for a ride”.

The White House says the omission “was by no means deliberate” and that the transcript has been updated for presidential records. The matter is under investigation by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “He probably did not endear himself and probably is going to cause himself a few issues down the road because it takes cooperation on both sides of the aisle to move folks”. “We haven’t seen a lot of movement”.

Pompeo says Trump made clear to Putin that the so-called Minsk Accords to settle the Ukraine conflict is the right path forward.

Mueller, meanwhile, continues investigating the 2016 interference and whether any Americans conspired with it.

Trump has continued speaking about Russian Federation since his meeting with Putin.

In a statement after that summit, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats reaffirmed the intelligence community’s findings and warned of Russia’s “ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy”.

These “were also official U.S. policy not long ago” because Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama “personally decided so”, she said.

The 57 percent of Americans who believe there will be interference represents a new high since the poll began tracking the question in February when only 41 percent of Americans said the same.

Russian Federation will see no relief on Crimea-related sanctions until it returns control of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine, he added.

Pompeo said from the outset the U.S. administration’s approach has been to steadily raise the cost of aggression until Putin chooses a less confrontational foreign policy while keeping the door open for dialogue in national interest.