Trump calls budget deal a “clear win” for his policy goals

In this week’s spending negotiations, Trump lost a bid for money to start construction of a wall along the US border with Mexico to thwart illegal immigration, one of his key presidential campaign vows, and there are no curbs on federal grant money for cities that refuse to detain illegal immigrants he wants to deport.

In a radio interview earlier Tuesday on “WHTC Morning News” in Holland, Michigan, Upton made similar remarks and said “a good number of us have raised real red flag concerns” about the bill to leaders.

According to CNN’s whip count maintained by the terrific MJ Lee and Lauren Fox, there are now 21 House Republicans on the record as “no” votes. Over the weekend, House leaders, as well as Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, spoke with members hoping to flip enough votes to move the bill forward.

“This is nothing but a recycled bad bill that would allow big corporations to make an end-run around giving workers the pay they’ve earned”, Murray said in a statement.

“I think the rules in Congress, and in particular the rules in the Senate, are unbelievably archaic and slow moving”, he said.

President Donald Trump has said that the law is on life support and will collapse under its own weight.

But other waivers could still reduce protections for the sickest Americans, health policy experts warn: Waiving community rating – the ACA provision that bars insurers from charging sick people more than healthy people – could make coverage so expensive that people with pre-existing conditions would be priced out of the market.

President Donald Trump is also not helping the matter with his confusing and contradictory comments about whether the final version of the bill will mandate that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions – as the ACA now does.

“We didn’t do any touting like the Democrats did”, Trump said, flanked by a trophy-winning Air Force sports team. If that bill passes, the next funding deadline will be in the fall.

And Dr. Lane said before the Affordable Care Act, people who developed serious medical conditions and then tried to shop for insurance for just out of luck.

The Republican Party can only afford to lose 22 votes assuming all of the Republicans are able to attend the vote and no Democrats cross over.

On Monday evening, the vice president met with three different Republican House members individually to discuss the AHCA. That’s exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy.

That prompted the White House to send Kelly and Mulvaney out to push back on Democrats’ messaging. Upton described the plan to The Associated Press. At least 11 others said they are undecided.

This time, the White House appears to be taking more of a low-key approach.

The GOP bill would let states get federal permission for insurers to charge some people with pre-existing illnesses higher premiums. And in addition, the way this bill is written – people’s benefits could also deteriorate.

Another Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that a majority of Americans – 53 percent – say they or someone in their household has a pre-existing condition.

The aide said Republican leaders are considering adding more funding to the high-risk pools for consumers with pre-existing conditions, in an effort to court more GOP moderates.