Thousands of Veterans Protested during Massachusetts College for Removal of US Flag


On Sunday, thousands of veterans came out of their residence to symbol their criticism opposite a school’s preference of “stop drifting all kind of Flags” in a campus.

As per as school, a administration had to come to this preference after few students allegedly burnt a dwindle to uncover their criticism opposite a president-elect Donald Trump.

The preference of a propagandize done many people indignant and hence to uncover their ‘protest’ they all gathered. They attempted to strech out students to know their views and a middle truth.

A veteran, Jerry Maguire, pronounced in a speak “they took down a flag, it’s ok. But we only wish to tell them that it badly hurts me”.

Mayor Domenic Sarno fortifying a veterans pronounced that “if they (students who burnt a flag) were in some other country, things would be rubbed small differently and we am sure, no one would like it.”

“Expressing yourself, doesn’t meant demeaning anything”, pronounced one protestor.

Journalists have reported that a veterans were chanting “USA” while protesting.

As per as another report, a whole criticism majorly finished peacefully, solely few removed incidents.

The college president, Jonathan Lash, was blank from a protest, according to a internal TV.

Another news reveals that ‘flying flags’ in a campus has been one of a vital issues, that remained an hot-topic for several years.

For several years,  commemorative 9/11 flags, was a major issue, until  the officials of college decided to fly those flags annually.

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