‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 just killed off two more characters

So much for happily ever after. Alongside the fantastic Eastman episode with John Carroll Lynch, “Bury Me Here” is a jewel in the Morgan pages and also the show’s history. So even though his plan backfired horribly, he’s undeterred.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “The Walking Dead” Season 7 episodes. It was full of emotion while providing just the right amount of humor to not be over the top. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle and Kayla’s backpack is the only tether to the true story that goes to both of their graves. Morgan didn’t know it, but that was Richard’s way of saying goodbye.

Rick is so deep in recruit mode that he and Michonne risked their own lives to get Jadis and her group their guns. I do wonder if Morgan would still have ended up in the same place at the end if he hadn’t learned of Richard’s involvement. He has an adorable little brother, and as he reveals to Morgan in “Bury Me Here”, he may have a budding romance with a girl at the Kingdom. (Yes, Morgan is back to his “clearing” ways.) Instead, Carol makes him the same offer that Ezekiel made her earlier this season: “You can go and not go”. At first, I had admiration for Richard. “And then, when we gain their trust back, we kill them”. Carol is clearly shocked to see them, but she joins the others in trying to save Ben’s life. Now, he was indeed ready to die for the Kingdom. After last week’s fun-filled trip to the fair, #AMC’s undead drama took a decidedly sinister turn as we ramp up toEpisode 16 and the end of another mixed-bag run. But now that the conflict has come to a violent head, can the King continue his policy of non-involvement in Rick’s coming war?

We finally understand why that lone melon in the opener was such a sad trombone moment, as Zeke and company gives the missing cantaloupe to the Saviors. A bunch of tough guys who get off on having power over others. He’s still a monster, but Gavin seemed genuinely upset at Jared for escalating the situation. It also didn’t help that 7A barely spent any time with Ezekiel and his people after their initial introduction. When she arrives, Ezekiel is working in the garden because they had a bug problem and lost a bunch of crops. Which means makes things easy for Gavin. Richard steps up and begins his faux brownnosing routine when the completely unexpected happens: Morgan straight cracks him in the head with his staff and chokes him to death with his bare hands, much to everyone’s horror. “We know how to go on”, he said. But there’s still something very pat about the way it happens here, with all three characters very almost turning on a dime from neutral to soldier. The same goes for Richard warning Morgan that he’d eventually need to kill someone again; nearly daring him to do it on the spot. Morgan himself came twirling his stick out of the shadows to prove a vital member of Scott Gimple’s world this week.

Ezekiel did not even hesitate and agreed on the spot. Melissa McBride’s performance in this moment is a rebirth of sorts for her character. What I found interesting was the Carol, in a way, could have inadvertently saved Benjamin.

In the end Carol visits the Kingdom, this time promising to stay.

The grumpier you are on The Walking Dead, the better your chances of making it to the final credits.

Ezekiel is watching over his kingdom when Mila comes to him. “I can figure this out by myself”, she explained. This episode had a solid balance throughout.

Because The Walking Dead’s ensemble cast is so large and the writers are more interested in spreading things out among the roster (and are in no hurry to speed things up), instead of a fully fleshed-out Morgan we get a simplified version of him. The same way we’ve seen insane Morgan do before.

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