The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 11 spoilers: Hunt for Daryl begins

Mrs. Carter: Can you read anything more into what we saw tonight on “The Walking Dead”? Richard has a strategy he believes will convince Ezekiel to take on the Saviors, but finds that Daryl is less than enthusiastic about his approach.

Since Rick proved himself in one-on-one gladatorial walker combat, he earned the chance for his group to prove themselves to the strangers (they’re apparently hard to impress), promising to find them guns in exchange for their help in the fight against Negan.

The show starts out with the Kingdom getting a visit from the Saviors, but before the latter arrives, one of the Kingdom’s residents, Diane, shoots a walker in the head.

Daryl paused before deciding not to tell her of Negan’s deadly deeds. After nearly a season apart, Daryl and Carol are finally reunited. I need the second half of this season to inspire a little bit of hope because the first half was very bad watching them murdered, beaten, bullied, held prisoner and threatened for eight episodes.

The whole internet is referring to the new group as the “Garbage Pail Kids” seeing as they live in a heap of garbage.

Then, with Daryl briefly on his side, he revealed what would have been a deadly plan for Carol. “We own your lives”, Jadis says to Rick. We’ve been down that road before; the show’s vacillating quality is, next to its childish cynicism and wave after wave of impotent dead, its most consistent attribute. Instead they’ve been living in a kind of epic scrapyard, on a diet very light in Vitamin D, from the look of them. They live in what is basically a huge garbage dump, where, before they agreed to join the battle against Negan, Rick had to prove himself in a weird gladiator-like throw down with a walker clad in spikes and armor.

Turns out Jadis was the one watching Alexandria from outside the walls.

But does he first, during the battle, acquire a puncture wound directly through the center of one hand, like a certain other historical figure who would be sacrificed for our sins? Basically, he’s just burdening Alexandria more than they were before, and they’re already planning to go to war. A lot of them. As Morgan forces Daryl to admit later, it’s because they’re all still holding onto something. A refreshing change from Negan’s endless dialogue in my opinion. Though as Gabriel points out to Rick, a price will have to paid before final victory can be achieved. I’m lying, it’s not at all a mystery.

Still, you do have to think that she’s going to be none too pleased when she inevitably learns that Daryl lied to her… And even more so when he hears her out and understands exactly what she means when she explains that there would be nothing left of her if she kept killing. They fight while the saviors pass by in a vehicle. Do you think they know where Gabriel is? Perhaps they had planned to feed him to the spiky walker? We’re sure Ezekiel will let it slip he knows where she is. While it was expected that Rick was going to win, it didn’t remove the tension from the scene. Rick says it was because “someone showed me enemies can become friends”. If Rick and company don’t set about making an army of those things to use against Negan, then I give up on these people. There’s fisticuffs and another standoff until Daryl walks away and leaves Richard to his missed ambush. According to TV Geek Talk, the junkyard crew is a tight-knit bunch that has been staying at the same site since the start of the outbreak. She then asks tearfully what’s happened with the Saviors and if everyone is okay “back home”.

The reason Daryl refrained from breaking the news to Carol was because he was anxious about her mental state – she left Alexandria because she was afraid of loss and in her absence the group suffered the biggest and most heinous loss of all; how could he tell her that?

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