THE WALKING DEAD Recap: Less Cowardly Mansplaining Is “Something They Need”

On a more micro level, the wandering extras from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest added a new twist to the walker dynamic.

And more often than not, this is a good thing. So when he finds one of The Saviors getting rapey with Sasha, he sinks a big ass knife in his neck.

Still, there have been a couple of notable missteps.

Hey! Did you watch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? And then you remember that Negan gleefully practices his own kind of sexual coercion, manipulating women into being his “wives” so they can live in relative comfort-or, in the case of someone like Sherry, threatening to murder her actual husband if she refuses to go along with the scheme.

After letting the latest episode really sink in, we can enjoy what is to come in the next offering of the zombie apocalypse series, with the first being a 30-second promo trailer for what we can expect in seven days’ time.

Problem is, Negan is a monster – and a monster who already rapes. Eugene proves himself to be exactly the cowardly scumbag I suspected him of being, while Negan nearly comes off as being something of a good guy. if only we didn’t know him as the guy who murdered Abraham and Glenn and a few more people since. Daryl tried to kill him, but he said he wanted to join them to get away from the Saviors.

The final scene from the episode sees Rick and his group face to face with one of Negan’s members, Dwight, in a basement/holding cell, in which, he says he wants to help Rick take down Negan.

US Correspondent Ron Hogan thinks that Rick has learned lessons from Negan a little too well. Are we still seeing things that are ahead of the audience’s expectations?

Though the circumstances were different, in the comics Dwight also made a decision to defect from Negan and the Saviors. He starts to unbuckle his trousers when Negan, a champion for women’s rights, comes in and puts a stop to the impending rape.

It’s understood by us that the Saviors are the real threat, and that Rick will need all the help that he can get. Because if it’s the former they’re in trouble, and they clearly don’t understand the bat-yielding monster they’ve created.

What I can’t decide is how much we’re supposed to connect Rick and Negan’s tactics here.

That’s what’s happening with The Walking Dead’s villains this week. The Maggie-Governor assault was handled with care, but that was back in Season 3 – back when the Grimes Gang were humans instead of warriors, and when Glen Mazzara still served as showrunner.

Either way, all will be revealed with next week’s season finale. With Dwight turned into a snitch, the Oceanside guns in the hands of Rick, and Negan knowing that a battle is coming, next week promises an action packed episode. Online rumors say there are sightings of the junkyard people firing on Rick’s group during production.

Kirkman was less ambivalent about what was “going on”, and in the book the scene was based on, Carl’s trousers were actually removed. In the interview, Lincoln positively showers the last episode with praise.

Worst character: How can Gregory contemplate stabbing a pregnant woman, not do it, then resign himself to having the Saviors kill her for him after she saved his life?

Something They Need was a stepping stone episode that I didn’t enjoy very much overall. Her conversation with Gregory, in which she suggests properly working together, and he thinks about killing her, does nothing to move this plot forward.

After being almost raped by one of the Saviors, Sasha mulls over Negan’s offer – join the Saviors and get yourself some fancy bedding – while Rick and the rest of the gang steal guns from the all-womyn commune in the woods. Let’s just hope she doesn’t wind up with Holly’s fate from the comic.

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