The Last Jedi’ trailer: whose side is Kylo Ren on?

The Rian Johnson film, which is the sequel to the trilogy in Star Wars franchise, will hit the cinemas worldwide on December 15.

The new trailer of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” gave a better insight on what it’s about, including hints of what happened in the storyline’s past.

Since going online it has had nearly 20 million views in four hours and with 66 days to go until the movie comes out, the excitement is now very real. Why is he on the roof, exactly? While the much-anticipated trailer plays host to a slew of sounds (often perfectly synced up with the images), there are several cues that bear Williams’ signature brand. Nearly frustratingly adorable. I must have one. Trick question. There is nothing wrong with that title.

Predictably, the First Order isn’t too happy about having its latest piece of military hardware taken out by Poe Dameron and his Resistance fighters, and stage a sweeping counter-attack on their enemy’s strongholds. It looks like The Last Jedi will build significantly on this.

And who, you may ask, is the Last Jedi? It shows that-like every Star Wars movie-the next edition will be filled with space battles, lightsaber duels, and campy dialog.

Meanwhile, Rey tells Luke: “Something inside me has always been there”. Indeed his words kick the whole thing off: “When I found you, I saw raw untamed power”. I don’t want to say jar-jarring, but…

Or it could all be a big misdirect. “In my mind it is”.

He said: “You’re going to really love her in [Last Jedi]”.

But on Monday night, after “The Last Jedi” trailer was revealed and tickets went on sale, Johnson tried again.

We also get to see a few seconds of Snoke in proper lighting, the wizened looking and presumed Dark Lord of the Sith in this new, updated installment, and of course, he looks suitably evil and twisted. I am going to be a blubbering mess when I go see this movie. It’s packed with intense action, potential spoilers, and – most importantly – an adorable little character that has become a fan favorite overnight.

Well, darn it, maybe it’s not me – or just me – after all.

Rey played by Daisy Ridley practising in Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi