Teen Hacker Claims of Hacking Russian Visa Informations

A teen hacker, who recently has a speak with The Daily Caller, in that he claimed of hacking information of a 3,000 Russian Visa applicants.

In a United States, there are 5 locations of Russian Visa Centers, where Americans can get Visa for Russia.

Now, a 17-year-old hacker, who is famous as Kapustkiy, has pronounced that he works for a organisation called New World Hackers.

He said, “I hacked a information regulating a really elementary SQL Injection and afterwards we reported a ‘risk’ of hacking to a endangered authorities including CERT”.

CERT is an classification or we can contend a group, that handles a incidents associated to mechanism security.

He combined “I hacked a information only since we wanted to tell them a consequences of information crack and to uncover that there is a ‘loophole’ in a stream system. we have already contacted a authorities and done them wakeful of a consequences when a Black Hat Hacker would penetrate them”.

Kapustkiy, who describes himself as a White Hat Hacker or reliable hacker, also says that conjunction he or his organisation has any devise to divulge a information to open during large.

He has also pronounced “I simply wish these authorities to know and make their complement some-more secure so that no any “bad hacker” could consider of hacking it”.

Speaking on a matter, a profession of a center, John Shoreman, pronounced “we have talked to a confidence agencies and they have privileged that a VISA Website wasn’t hacked. It competence be a calendar, from where a information was hacked.”

He afterwards explained, “The endangered management shares a calendar of appointments with the consulate bureau of a Russian embassy”.

However, FBI and Homeland Security are told to examine a matter.