Syria chemical attack: Inspectors allowed into Douma

But the OPCW says the United Nations security team came under fire and there was an explosion after it entered one of the sites.

Sen. Bob Corker, the Tennessee Republican who has sparred with Trump over foreign policy issues, exited the briefing and told reporters, “I think the administration’s plans are to complete the efforts against ISIS and (then) not be involved”.

Meanwhile, a new strategy appeared to be crystalizing to let the US leave Syria without relinquishing its interests to the Assad government or his allies, Iran and Russian Federation.

“The prime minister leads a minority government”, he said.

Both Russia and its ally, President Bashar al-Assad’s government, have denied using chemical weapons in their war against armed opposition groups in Syria. Members of the security team were not injured and returned to Damascus after the incident.

Syria and Russian Federation deny unleashing poison gas on April 7 during their offensive on Douma, which ended with the recapture of the town that had been the last rebel stronghold near the capital, Damascus.

Maj. -Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko said “a Syrian security employee received light wounds during the crossfire”.

The chemical attack reportedly killed dozens on April 7 in Douma, the eastern Damascus town now fully under Syrian government control after a years-long siege.

A man is washed following alleged chemical weapons attack, in what is said to be Douma, Syria in this still image from video obtained by Reuters on April 8, 2018. A unusual smell lingered, nine days after the attack. Medical workers said they treated symptoms including difficulty breathing and fainting.

“The Syrian government did all that it can do to facilitate the work of this mission”.

On Tuesday, Russian state media reported that Russian military had discovered a chemical laboratory and warehouse in Douma that they claimed belonged to “militants”.

Experts arrived in Damascus on Saturday, but they have been unable to visit the nearby town of Douma because of “security issues” cited by Russian Federation.

He commended the OPCW for its prompt deployment of the fact-finding mission to Douma and expressed appreciation to the director-general and OPCW staff for their commitment to the aims and work of the organisation, often in challenging circumstances.

While he is a supporter of the Syrian government, Ramli said he would change his mind if concrete evidence were to emerge that Assad were behind the chemical weapons attack.

Douma was the last rebel-held town near Damascus, and the target of a government offensive in February and March that killed hundreds of people and displaced tens of thousands.

At the time of the alleged attack, Douma was held by the Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam).

The Ghouta offensive was directed from the start by Russian Federation and waged on the ground by elite Syrian forces, according to a commander in the regional military alliance that backs Assad.

It says the total number of evacuees has reached 5,000, including 1,500 gunmen.

“I want to get out”, Trump said during an April 3 news conference.

According to Newsweek, Google searches for the phrase “World War 3” spiked in wake of the US-led attack.

The U.S., Britain and France launched airstrikes against Syria on Friday night in response to the alleged chemical attack.

A United Nations security team came under fire in Syria while doing reconnaissance for inspectors to visit sites of a suspected chemical weapons attack, and officials said it was no longer clear when the inspectors would be able to go in.

Syrian state media reported that missiles had again targeted an airbase overnight, but the commander in the regional military alliance backing the government, speaking on condition of anonymity, later told Reuters it was a false alarm.

“In order to do that, Russian Federation has asked this council to focus its attention on the one part of Syria where the Assad regime isn’t pummeling civilians to death with barrel bombs or banned chemical weapons”, Currie said.

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