Super Bowl ads to watch: Sexy Mr. Clean; John Malkovich

Advertisers pay a bundle for these commercials, so they have to make sure they get their $5 million’s worth out of the 30 seconds that they usually have.

This Super Bowl Sunday, Canadians will have a handful of ways to watch the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons – and a choice of whether they want to see Canadian or US advertising. And the ads are created to be as entertaining as the football itself, and that’s because the spots are so coveted (each 30-second ad in 2016 was priced at US$5million), because so many people watch the game (more than 111million people in the U.S. in 2016).

The commercials are also a big reason why viewers stay on their couch during breaks in the action, they just cannot bare to miss a good commercial. One of the team owners began calling it the Super Bowl because his kids had popular bouncy ball toys called Super Balls.

“Definitely the most political Super Bowl I can recall”, said Ari Halper, chief creative officer of FCB New York.

“The sheer amount of guacamole that’s being consumed on Super Bowl Sunday is such that anyone concerned about the ad would probably also be eating avocados from Mexico”.

A couple of Super Bowl LI commercials, which will be studied by El Paso’s own Sands Research, have immigration themes and appear to possibly be making a political statement, which can be risky. I watch the National Football League every Sunday; I record all the games and watch them so I could flip through the commercials. It depicts the journey founder Adolphus Busch made to get to America in 1857. The 90-second ad is running during the fourth quarter.

The Japanese gaming company is using its first ever Super Bowl commercial to promote its newest gaming device, the Nintendo Switch.

Insult to injury: the commercial was directed by Fargo’s Oscar-winning filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen. “Everything has been done already, from user generated ads to big name celebrities to Mountain Dew’s puppy monkey baby”. We’re basically watching ads for ads – and that’s not even referencing ad teasers, which are quite literally ads for ads.

Hyundai enlisted director Peter Berg (“Deepwater Horizon”) to shoot and edit a 90-second ad during the game itself.

Skittles: A young man uses Skittles to get the attention of a young woman, and then it gets weird. But it wasn’t a total victory for female representation – numerous night’s ads lacked objectification because they excluded women entirely.

Cord cutters, rest assured: with Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, there are still plenty of ways to catch the big game.

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