Stormy Daniels adresses Trump-spanking rumors in ’60 Minutes’ interview

Daniels said she exchanged some flirting with the president, before spanking him with a copy of Fortune magazine that had his face on the cover.

She said she was not attracted to Trump, who was 60 at the time. Cohen claimed that he used his own money and Trump didn’t have a say in the transaction. She says he invited her to dinner, and she met him at his hotel suite. White picket fences border the houses, and chalk drawings decorate the pavement. But that, according to Clifford’s account, did not count as going far enough; hence the guy in the Las Vegas parking lot.

Adult star Stormy Daniels on Sunday claimed that she was “threatened” publicly by a man, who told her – “Leave Trump alone”.

Daniels said she was fine saying nothing at all. She claimed the man also looked at her daughter, who was present, and said, “That’s a attractive little girl”.

Porn star Stormy Daniels took TV viewers for a wild ride Sunday night. “But I’m not OK with being made out to be a liar, or people thinking that I did this for money and people are like, ‘Oh, you’re an opportunist”. “I was rattled. I remember going into the workout class”.

Daniels didn’t offer evidence that the approach she detailed had taken place. He didn’t use a condom, she said, and she didn’t ask him to. Did I know that he was a flawed human being and not ideal?

Cohen previously admitted to paying Daniels.

Here are the six biggest moments from Daniel’s 60 Minutes interview with guest host Anderson Cooper. Do texts and photos even exist? It paid her $150,000 during the 2016 presidential election.

Daniels’ comments will renew the issue of how much Trump knew about an attempt by his lawyer Michael Cohen to buy her silence with a $130,000 hush payment and whether the move violated campaign finance laws. Daniels filed a civil suit in California earlier this month claiming the agreement is invalid on the grounds that Trump never signed it. “I was not a victim”, she said. “I like you, ‘” Daniels said.

Daniels sat down with United States reporter Anderson Cooper for the interview. McDougal added that Trump is “very proud” of his daughter, and said she didn’t find his pride or his comparison “odd”.

“He was like, ‘Wow, you – you are special”.

“And I laughed and- and said, ‘NBC’s never gonna let, you know, an adult film star be on.’ He goes, ‘That’s why I want you”.

The complaint also claims Daniels was forced into signing a false statement that said her relationship with Trump wasn’t real. He suggested the two were distant even though the future First Lady had just given birth to their son, Barron. “But at the same time, maybe it’ll work out, you know?”

“Someone should take that magazine and spank you with it”, Daniels recalled telling Trump.

“We talked to our boss about this before we did anything else, executive producer Jeff Fager”, says Evie Salomon, the associate producer on the story.

President Trump and his wife spent the weekend at the Florida resort.

A blog called the Dirty published what appears to have been the first report of an affair involving Daniels and Trump in October 2011. No one is in a better position to call out Trump than the woman who came forward to name herself as his partner in infidelity and note that it was he who pursued her.

Her tale of an attempted cover-up had elements familiar to seasoned Trump-watchers.

After the interview screened, Cohen’s lawyer Brent Blakely wrote to Daniels’ attorney to deny her allegation that she was threatened in a auto park. It’s gonna be spectacular, they’re totally into the idea.’ I was like mhmm. She said it is the only time they slept together.

Cooper then asked Daniels if the latter thought there would be legal repercussions if there was no sign to which she answered that “they can make your life hell in many different ways”.

Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes Interview Reveals Disturbing Details About Trump Affair