STIC outlines opposition of the American Health Care Act

The uncertain future of Obamacare isn’t just wreaking havoc for insurers, hospitals and other companies in the health care ecosystem.

SP 500 futures were up 0.21%, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures added 0.07%, and Nasdaq futures gained 0.1%.

The Republican Party had six years to formulate a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

Two local business owners could be among the 24 million people the Congressional Budget Office projected would be left uninsured by the American Health Care Act.

President Trump is putting pressure on them, too, saying he’s “gonna come after” anyone who votes no because “a loss is not acceptable”, and Obamacare repeal was a fight he planned on winning. “If they’re able-bodied, they may lose their health care”.

Most voters, 61 per cent, also disapprove of the way President Donald Trump is handling health care. This provision gives Washington the authority to determine precisely what benefits every health insurance plan sold on ObamaCare’s exchanges must cover.

Among Democrats and Democratic leaners, comparably large majorities approve of the health care law (83%) and say the government is responsible for making sure all Americans have coverage (85%). But pricing to the underlying costs will mean (under the GOP bill) many millions of older people will not be able to afford insurance and therefore won’t be able to pay for their health care.

We all will need health care sooner or later, and we all benefit when our neighbors are healthy and productive.

In a statement this week, he criticized the bill for leaving millions without health insurance, cutting care for the most vulnerable and failing to provide relief to many southern Minnesotans, including farmers and small business owners.

She fears that recent gains made in helping the disabled to live independently and be more integrated into the community will be reversed.

Damita Peace works with the Regional Center for Independent Living and said most importantly, they’re asking for the continued right that people with disabilities can live and receive necessary care in their homes, rather than institutions.

One proposal for lowering the cost of insurance is to allow consumers to pick and choose the conditions that would be covered.

STIC outlines opposition of the American Health Care Act