States brace for big decisions under GOP health care changes

“If you’re getting your insurance through the group health care marketplace – your employer – nothing changes”, Blum told constituents this week. Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, also says the version that gets to the president will likely differ from the House measure.

Capito, who’s criticized House-approved cuts in the Medicaid program for poor and disabled people, attended Tuesday’s private meeting of the working group.

But nobody on the GOP side has acknowledged that the famous “you can keep it” phrase regarding your family’s current health insurance policy quite possibly will no longer apply to the 160 million persons (nearly 50% of the marketplace) now receiving their health care coverage through plans provided by their employers.

Others, including Cruz and Sen.

Republicans have insisted Obamacare was a disaster, and the GOP plan is a step in the right direction. “Obamacare was over 2,000 pages, out bill is less than 200 pages”.

There are other differences among Republicans.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of IL, a state that expanded coverage under Obama’s law, said he will push senators to change the legislation so the impacts are not as dire for the state. But under House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan, that same person would pay $14,600 in premiums with the GOP tax credits.

In response to a question, Collins said she does not support a provision in the House bill that defunds Planned Parenthood – for one year.

But the bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate, where Republicans have a narrow majority and several members have suggested they will develop their own plans.

“The Democrats were singing on the House floor, singing on the House floor after the vote”, the GOP congressman said on “The Jerry Bader Show”.

Sen. John Thune, R-South Dakota, when asked why there is no woman in the group said, “well, I don’t make that decision”. You would have thought he’d be included.

Schumer doesn’t sound like the interest of the people is a priority for him and the Democrats. “They all know the commitments we have made to the American people to repeal and replace a failing program in Obamacare”, he said on the “Fox News Sunday” program. Meanwhile, expect Republicans who came from states that didn’t expand Medicaid to argue that the program be phased out as soon as possible to save money.

That brings the total of county residents with insurance under the ACA to more than 46,000, or more than one out of 10. Gardner chairs the Senate GOP’s campaign committee.

“Of course, we kid”, said Colbert.

Republican senators said it’s unclear whether their chamber will repeal all of the taxes imposed under Obamacare as they set aside the health-care bill passed by the House and prepare to write their own from scratch.

Thomas D’Aunno, professor of health policy at the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, said these waivers that could strongly affect those struggling with opioid addiction’s ability to get affordable healthcare. By early May, as the House revived and passed its legislation, Cruz had forged an unlikely bond with a fellow member, Sen. “And more importantly, we’re keeping our word”.

“Congressman Yoder is focused on health care policy here and isn’t anxious about political implications”, his office said in a statement. “He views them as “have to have” senators because of the size of the majority”. Now, I don’t think it should have evolved that way.

That means McConnell can lose just two Republicans, so his group has a strategically shaped membership.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a Stop'Trumpcare rally