State battles are hot; election isn’t just about White House


McManus: Would Clinton be ableto claim a mandate?

In the Senate, Republicans – along with a Democrat who caucuses with them – hold a 26-23 advantage but a few close races in that chamber give Democrats hope they can regain a slim majority. Since Democrats are expected to have a thin majority in the Senate, it would make liberal reforms all but impossible to pass.

There are two more Senate races worth watching on Election Day – the runoffs in Georgia and Louisiana. Sen. “Those two things are very important to the safety of the American people, which we have taken an oath to protect and defend, and also the character of America, a nation constantly invigorated by newcomers to our country”, Pelosi said.

If her electoral majority is huge, she’ll be able to claim some measure of a popular mandate – even though some Republicans will argue that she won only because they nominated a bad candidate (or, for die-hard Trumpists, because the election was “rigged”). As of October 1, the state had 2.7 million registered Democrats, 2 million registered Republicans and 2 million registered as Unaffiliated.

The Democratic Party, perhaps signaling its confidence in Mathis, provided just more than $44,000. Of perhaps greatest concern to Senate Republicans, the people who seem to be running furthest ahead of Trump are the ones in states that have not been polled as regularly recently (the “Fresh” column shows how numerous polls in the current average were taken in October). “And I know you can trust Charlie to do the same in Congress”, Obama says in the ad. The Republican Party is “in a civil war”, Mook said matter-of-factly. They have the money to spend-between the party and the Clinton campaign, the Democrats have double the war chest of Trump and the Republicans. The registration numbers have been stable in the Hawkeye State this year, which could spell trouble for Democrats. Although Indiana is generally a Republican state, Democrats are fielding former senator Evan Bayh, a member of a family prominent in state politics for decades, against Todd Young, a Congressman. Republicans hold nine of the congressional seats.

At a more general level, Democrats need to be psychologically prepared to use power-endure political risk-to help struggling people in material ways. “Will GOP keep the Senate” is a sell on betting market PredictIt.

“When we were not in the majority, we saw what happened – basically upstate was swallowed by New York City”. The sexist, xenophobic rhetoric coming from the disastrous Donald Trump presidential campaign certainly won’t help California Republicans win on November 8.

Statewide, Clinton was ahead of Trump 54 percent to 30 percent, the Siena poll said.

Obama’s embrace of Democrats down the ballot is a stark contrast to his first eight years in the national political spotlight.

So President Clinton nearly certainly will be negotiating with a Republican House – one, moreover, whose majority will be splintered into angry factions, pro-Trump and anti-Trump. Chuck Schumer of NY is poised to become the Democratic leader, and he would likely work with McConnell to reach a deal. The same can be said for the Republicans who are running against the four incumbent Democrats.

In addition, the Washington Post reported that internal Democratic polls show Republican candidates in a no-win situation over Trump. Not surprisingly, given her superior organization and Trump’s late start on fundraising, Clinton and the Democrats are walloping Trump and the Republicans on this front.

“When you go district by district, when you look at where all these races are, we’re in a highly competitive environment”, said Matt Walter, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee. There is also a tight race in Nevada, where Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring.

“He has talked many times about the blight in upstate NY, nationally, and he’s talking about bringing back the jobs from overseas”, said Bill Reilich, the Monroe County GOP chairman. Democrats talk of a wave election that would lead to party control of the House and make Nancy Pelosi speaker again, but this doesn’t seem like a good bet.

During a recent debate, the two candidates running neck-and-neck for the open 38th state Assembly seat cut through all the boilerplate campaign arguments about experience and temperament and got right to the real question voters face: Who will be more effective in Sacramento? “And what’s in our heart is to protect women”.

One of the biggest changes would be in the balance of power in Senate committees, where legislation is crafted on everything from health care laws and taxes to environmental protection and government surveillance.

More than $22 million has been raised in legislative campaigns, of which $13 million has been spent so far. They had $2.6 million in their coffers.

The moves the Clinton campaign announced Monday echo building optimism in Democratic congressional circles that they could indeed return to the majority in both chambers on Capitol Hill.