SpaceX successfully launches world’s most powerful rocket

Elon Musk and SpaceX are celebrating like mad following the successful launch of Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket, in Florida on Wednesday morning. The core was supposed to land on a drone ship in the Atlantic but the barge’s camera feed cut out right as it was approaching.

The company is about to launch its Falcon Heavy Rocket, which is now the most powerful rocket in operation!

Not only did the Falcon Heavy launch into space, it took Musk’s cherry red Tesla roadster along with it. With 27 engines in total, Falcon Heavy’s three cores are capable of generating more than 2,200 tonnes (5 million pounds) of thrust.

Nonetheless, the test launch did exactly what SpaceX wanted it to: Send Musk’s Tesla into space.

On board the rocket was Elon Musk’s very first Tesla Roadster sports auto along with a dummy of SpaceX’s brand-new spacesuit in the driving seat.

SpaceX is bringing some serious firepower to blast a rocket of that size into space. Musk says that the core ran out of propellant, which kept the core from being able to slow down as much as it needed for landing. But so far everything has gone as planned, with the rocket’s two side boosters landing simultaneously back on ground about eight minutes after liftoff.

While there were some upper-atmosphere wind issues that pushed the launch to the very end of the window, the event went off mostly without a hitch. Yesterday, ahead of the launch of the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX released an animation of the anticipated launch backed by Bowie’s “Life On Mars?”. The vehicle was transported in the Falcon Heavy’s payload compartment, where it was then exposed to space with a hopeful goal of making it to Mars orbit.

Musk announced past year that he wanted the dummy payload for the Falcon Heavy’s first test flight to be his own cherry red roadster.

The Tesla Roadster orbits Earth before blasting off further into space