South Korea’s Moon vows to urgently address North Korea

M – President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulated Moon Jae-in on his victory in South Korea’s presidential election.

However, It is unclear if the missile test is meant to serve as a warning for the United States or North Korea. The two agreed to strengthen the U.S. -ROK alliance, according to a White House statement.

Moon lost to Park in the 2012 election, but his election to the presidency “will end nearly a decade of conservative rule in South Korea”.

Moon has long said the next South Korean government should review the Thaad deployment and decide to allow it only after seeking China’s understanding.

Moon, 64, begins his five-year term as president after Park Geun-hye was toppled and indicted for corruption.

On his second day in office, President Moon Jae-in spoke on the phone with the leaders of South Korea’s two most important neighbors: China, followed by Japan.

China says the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) undermines its security as its powerful radar can probe deep into its territory. But challenging Washington over THAAD might be hard for Moon.

Moon was inaugurated shortly after election officials confirmed his victory. China and Russian Federation have also criticized the deployment of THAAD, saying it would significantly affect the balance of power in the region and would lead to more instability. An aide to Mr Moon told Reuters that the president will put job creation ahead of his other agenda, such as corporate reform.

During the call, Moon told Xi that South Korean people and companies in China “are going through many difficulties”, and said he hoped Xi could “pay special attention so the restrictions and sanctions could be smoothly resolved”, Yoon said.

While taking the oath of office Wednesday, Moon said he’s open to visiting North Korea under the right conditions.

In early March, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, told reporters in Beijing that the USA and Korea were en route to a “head-on collision” and that a “looming crisis” was taking form on the peninsula.

Moon has said the decision had been made hastily and his government should have the final say on whether to deploy it.

The South Korean intelligence service said the charge was ” groundless”. Chinese group tours to South Korea have also been canceled, while anti-Korean sentiment has proliferated online.

Therefore it is time for the new president in Seoul to rethink about how to deal with a THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea …

Trump has called for South Korea to pay the US $1 billion for a system the USA has always described as in America’s vital security interests.

It wasn’t clear whether Moon used the conversation to call for a renegotiation of the deal.

In the 2015 comfort women agreement, Abe issued an apology over the issue and arranged for ¥1 billion to be deposited into a South Korean foundation for the dwindling survivors.

Left-leaning Moon Jae-in, who was sworn in as president in the capital Seoul, backs engaging diplomatically with the North.

“Will Mr. Moon pursue a “pro-North, anti-Japan” stance?” the conservative Yomiuri newspaper said in an editorial Wednesday. He won with over 41 percent favor of South Korea’s population against two other candidates, according to the South Korea’s National Election Commission.

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