South Korea prepared to bomb the North’s electrical grid

A U-2S high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft has been deployed by the U.S. Air Force to monitor potential military movements by the North. However, a New York Times report now shines more light on whether those plans actually existed.

Some South Korean news media, citing anonymous sources, had earlier reported that the leaked data included wartime contingency plans.

Rep. Lee Cheol-hee, a lawmaker for the ruling Democratic Party, cited unidentified defense officials as saying the hackers stole the plans a year ago, according to the reports.

Hackers in North Korea have allegedly stolen a cache of military documents from South Korea, according to a South Korean lawmaker.

In May, South Korea said a large amount of data had been stolen and that the North may have instigated the cyber attack – but gave no details of what was taken.

“He added: “…hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of USA negotiators.

There are strong suspicions, however, that the regime in Pyongyang has been using machinery and materiel left by the owners of around 120 South Korean firms when they were ordered to leave in February 2016 for as long as six months.

As North Korea is continuously creating tensions in the global community, South Korea is now vigorously developing its defensive capabilities.

South Korean lawmaker Rhee Cheol-hee made the claim on Tuesday, saying the information came from Seoul’s Defense Ministry, Yonhap reports.

A nuclear World War 3 is the stuff of most people’s nightmares, but it seems that the threat of war between the United States and North Korea becomes more real every day.

Pyongyang conducted its fifth nuclear test on the anniversary of the founding day of North Korea previous year.

Seoul says North Korea has repeatedly staged cyberattacks on South Korean business and government websites.

The stolen data included 235GB of documents from the Defence Integrated Data Centre, confidential reports to senior Allied commanders, as well as battle plans drawn up by the USA and South Korea.

But in fact the hackers got their hands on OPLAN 5015, part of South Korea-U.S. combined operations in a full-scale war between the two Koreas, which was worked out in 2015.

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