Some People Cited in Ivanka Trump’s New Book Aren’t Happy About It

Music came on, and the two began to dance. “Especially in the first couple of years, I often heard things like, ‘It’s so inspiring that you’re such a hands-on mom and not intimidated to show that part of you, ‘ and ‘So fantastic!” She captioned the post. She announced on Facebook that she will donate proceeds from “Women Who Work” to the National Urban League and Boys Girls Clubs of America. What about those women who work to pay their bills and support their families rather than to pursue their passions?

However, as NPR’s Annalisa Quinn noted in her review of “Women Who Work”, Trump strips the quote of its context and instead inserts it into a chapter on time management.

From the beginning of the book, President Donald Trump’s daughter goes out of her way to convince us that being born into a life of privilege as a Trump was just one little reason for her success alongside many. But Ivanka’s new role has, well, complicated both her brand and her ability to promote it.

“In light of government ethics rules, I want to be clear that this book is a personal project”. Ethics rules stipulate, for instance, that federal employees can’t use their positions “for private profit”. “Honestly, I wasn’t treating myself to a massage or making much time for self-care’”.

But where does that leave Ivanka?

Representatives of Ivanka Trump told CNNMoney that the book is “not political”.

According to a passage from the book, excerpted in Us, Ivanka was in her early 20s and trying to decide whether to join her father’s business. Among the “inspiring” quotes she peppers throughout the book, there’s a painfully misplaced excerpt from Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

OK, I had said I wasn’t going to write about Ivanka Trump again anytime soon. He added that he was “saddened and disappointed” to not be running but that after talking to Guadagno one on one at his home recently, he thought she was the best candidate. She did not mention the book in either case, but critics noted the timing.

Okay, that may be technically true. On the other hand, she’s blind to the fact that her father has been recorded saying some terribly misogynistic things.

She also reveals that her daughter, Arabella, has her own mini desk in her mother’s office. “She seems unwilling to acknowledge – if this is something that she has even grasped in the first place-that there could, hypothetically, be a difference between what’s good for women and what’s good for her brand”. She is, then, a strutting ethical gray area. Ivanka Trump wrote in the original post, which showed her sister Tiffany and sister-in-law Lara posing with hardcover copies.

For many people, politics has become some akin to sport.

A day after the tweet posted on May 3, the social media account for the Office of Global Women’s issues – a small division promoting women’s rights and has been without a head since Trump took office – retweeted her but took it down shortly after the backlash.

She tweeted about being featured, seemingly accusing Ivanka Trump of being “complicit” in some of Donald Trump’s controversial policies.

Jane Goodall has been quoted by Ivanka Trump in her book