Social Media Rushes To Define Trump’s ‘covfefe’ Tweet

A source close to Kushner told CNN on May 25 that he had not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Eugene Robinson is a columnist for The Washington Post.

It’s an extraordinary step for the White House to suddenly farm out inquiries about a subject about which the president is publicly commenting on-and in this case, just hours beforehand. Yesterday Politico reported that Kushner is back in the West Wing and he continues to lead meetings despite the rising tide of Russia-related questions.

His sister Nicole Meyer, who took over the company after Kushner left, came under fire last month after she appeared to reference her family’s White House connections during a presentation to potential investors in Beijing.

The Trump administration has been enveloped in controversy over Russian Federation in recent weeks.

First, Barack Obama was still president at the time; while it is normal for an incoming administration to have informal meet-and-greets with foreign officials, Kushner’s proposal was so inappropriate that Kislyak was said to be stunned.

“That’s part of the problem that Sean Spicer in particular [has], when he faces the press, is that if he hasn’t talked to the president immediately beforehand on a particular issue, he may not have what the president’s current thinking is”, Hagle said.

We all know that Kushner would never do anything without the full knowledge of his father-in-law, Donald Trump, so what are they up to?

On one hand, Trump communicating directly with the media is likely to mean fewer flubs in communicating the president’s positions, Hagle said. Dubke confirmed the reports.

Trump’s comedic turn began in the early minutes of Wednesday morning, when he seemingly pecked out half of a thought before hitting send.

It is hard to understand exactly what motivated Jared Kushner to propose secret back-channel communications with Russian Federation last December.

CNN is reporting that James Comey will testify that the president pressured him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation. Fox News has been Trump’s mouthpiece all along, and only recently have some of their personnel started to realize they’ve been conned by our snake oil salesman president and actually started to speak out against his outrageous behavior and decisions.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking House Intelligence Committee member, had also called for renewed scrutiny of Kushner’s clearance in a Sunday interview with ABC’s “This Week”.

He then praised Trump as “the greatest communicator as a president we’ve ever had” – something his current communications team should be aware of and know how to handle.