Shock, then ambition: Ocasio-Cortez hopes to shake up House

By all accounts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset of a 10-term Democratic lawmaker on Tuesday night was a stunner.

NY 14th district Democratic candidate and almost-certain future Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dismissed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) downplaying of her stunning win Tuesday, saying that her victory is part of a “movement”.

Working with the New York Post and other media outlets, NLPC helped expose corruption in Crowley’s office.

“That certainly doesn’t bode well for them and their politics as they continue to move more to the socialist left”.

Voters in her district responded by giving her almost 60% of their vote, despite the mainstream news ignoring her and her opponent outspending her 18 to 1. The 28-year-old first-time candidate toppled a US House speaker-in-waiting twice her age in New York’s primary election.

“The energy in the Democratic Party is self-avowed socialists, open borders”, McConnell said in an interview with Politico on Wednesday.

He also cast aside the possibility of any potential adjustments to his campaign strategy.

She has yet to offer any solutions on how to pay for her fairytale platform, of course, beyond the standard manifesto answer of taxing the rich. Ocasio-Cortez also supports impeaching President Trump, which many Democrats quietly support but candidates aren’t supposed to say out loud, as the midterm electorate might be wary of spending the next two years mired in such shenanigans.

She attended Boston University, where she earned degrees in economics and worldwide relations, and also spent time working in the office of the late U.S. Sen.

It was after watching Republican President Donald Trump’s election, she decided it was time her New York City district was represented by a young progressive woman of colour.

Born in the Bronx to a mother from Puerto Rico and a father who died in 2008, Ocasio-Cortez said she chose to challenge Crowley to push a more progressive stance on economic and other issues. Crowley, whose district includes parts of the Bronx and Queens, has been in Congress since 1999 and had not seen opposition in a primary in 14 years. “Perhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful, to his President!” he tweeted. “She understands it, she’s lived it”, Fernandez said.

“Everyone has all their analysis within hours of the election taking place”, said Pelosi, who was the first female speaker in USA history and has said she’ll seek the job again if Democrats retake the House in the fall.

Ocasio-Cortez, a Hispanic who was a campaign organizer for Sen.

The party is moving to the left, with growing support for universal healthcare and free college education – issues that were at the heart of Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. “This young lady did”, Fowler said on “America’s Newsroom”. Speaking to supporters after the poll results were announced, she said, “This is the beginning, because the message that we sent the world tonight is that it’s not OK to put donors before your community”.

SNELL: For now, House Democrats say they’re still reeling from Crowley’s loss and trying to figure out what comes next. This time past year, she was working as a bartender in the Bronx.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Campaign shows candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez right during a Bengali community outreach in New York. Ocasio-Cortez a 28-year-old political novice running on a low budget and an unabash