Shipping delays plague iPhone 7 preorders

How to Get an iPhone 7 For Free (Few Strings Attached)

It’s official, Apple’s two new iPhone handsets have launched in the United Kingdom – and fans can pre-order their device from today across nearly all major United Kingdom retailers. You can pre-order for the iPhone 7 through their website or in stores on September 16 in time with the official iPhone 7 launch. The T-Mobile site was getting hammered last night, and at one point there were only two iPhone 7 models shown, so I thought the rest were sold out.

ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all offering a “free” 32GB iPhone 7, along with discounted versions of higher storage models and the iPhone 7 Plus.

The intel chip integrated into the ATT iPhone 7 does not allow the sexiest smartphone to function with other GSM and CDMA network even if the gadget was already unlocked.

Prices start at £44 per month and £120 upfront for the 32GB iPhone 7, which gets you 500MB of data, 400 minutes of calls and unlimited text messages. They’re basically a new spin on the old two-year contract, where you’d pay $200 for an iPhone so long as you agree not to leave the carrier. Or you are sticking with your current iPhone model, either wise comment below. T-Mobile and Sprint slapped together a couple of somewhat convoluted promotions in an effort to woo iPhone upgraders, and now Verizon has followed suit. T-Mobile US reserves the right to limit network speeds for customers using in excess of 26 gigabytes of data per month. You will get a shipping label to make the trade with a deadline date. The trade-in phones should be in ideal working order without any form of internal or external damage.

At many carriers you can hand them $300 to $400 that you get for selling your old phone as a downpayment and then make smaller monthly payments.

When the iPhone was rising in popularity and people were still converting from flip phones, most people got the Apple device by signing a two-year service contract and paying $200 for a base model. Bill Credit: Must have completed trade-in for credits to start. They will be asked to choose the variant they want to buy, then to choose one of the four major US carriers: ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. After all credits, get iPhone 7 32GB priced $650 ($21.67 or $27.09 per month) for free.