Sheriff’s Office: We cooperate with ICE

A federal immigration agent shot an unarmed man for no apparent reason as the man answered the door at his Chicago home, a lawyer for the wounded man said.

Federal immigration officials are blasting a Brockton lawmaker for inciting “panic” after she took to Facebook to warn illegal immigrants about a rumored ICE sweep – a brazen move one fellow lawmaker said could put “lives in danger”. He was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.

A MA law enforcement official is calling for the arrest of leaders of sanctuary cities after a state representative made a public Facebook post warning illegal immigrants about an upcoming ICE raid. According to their account, Torres aimed a gun at agents before an official shot him. He says his client could be detained, away from her three children and husband, for weeks while the legal process unfolds.

John spoke to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson who says sanctuary cities “have become magnets for illegal aliens, some of which have violent criminal records”.

Homan said his agency would continue to make arrests at courthouses, but claimed they would not go after victims and witnesses.

Torres said she was asleep downstairs with her husband and their 1-year-old daughter when the agents rushed in and dragged them outside.

Deputies will not be conducting immigration raids, but Sheriff Mosier does want them trained on correct policies and procedures. “They just came in and pointed pistols in our faces and dragged us out”, Carmen Torres, Torres’ daughter, told DNAinfo.

Hallock said Torres was not a gang member.

She also included the friend’s warning, which read, “If you are undocumented don’t go out on the street. This guns-blazing ICE raid deepens my resolve to organize my community so we can keep each other safe from the threat posed by ICE”. ICE routinely violates the American people’s constitutional rights.

In a statement, ICE confirmed that officers were “responding to an investigative tip” when arresting the five foreign nationals at the USCIS office in Lawrence. Such cities limit cooperation with federal agencies, and help protect undocumented immigrants. New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles and Seattle also tout sanctuary status.

ICE detains 26 offenders reporting for community service in Fort Worth