Shadow business secretary quits as Brexit bill reaches final stage

“That’s not how we operate”, she said.

A debate on the abolition or full-scale reform of the House of Lords should be launched if peers attempt to delay the government’s Article 50 bill, a former minister has said.

British voters chose to leave the 28-member bloc in a referendum held last June.

The Scottish National Party, the Liberal Democrats, Wales’ Plaid Cymru, Northern Ireland’s Social Democratic and Labour Party, Green MP Caroline Lucas and lone Tory rebel Kenneth Clarke also voted against it.

Labour MP Clive Lewis has stepped down from his role as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Shadow Secretary due to opposition to the Government’s approved bill to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU).

It will now go to the House of Lords, but the main work of redrafting it has now finished.

NICOLA Sturgeon has a surprise new celeb fan in telly host James Corden – after he praised her for criticising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Deep divisions have emerged within Corbyn’s Labour Party over whether they should support the government’s plan to trigger Brexit by the end of next month and pursue a clean break with the European Union, or block the plan and fight for a softer Brexit.

Mr Corbyn said at the weekend he would be “lenient” with his frontbench after many ignored his calls to back the Government’s Bill on starting Brexit talks.

Lady Hermon said she still had not been persuaded that Brexit would be good for the country.

But during five days of debate on the resulting government bill, it became clear that most MPs would not stop the process.

Still, many hurdles lie ahead.

Mrs May successfully saw off a series of rebellions by Conservative MPs which had threatened to impede the progress of the legislation.

The Bill will be introduced in the upper chamber on February 20 and is expected to complete its passage by Tuesday March 7. So, although the British government enjoys greater leeway in starting the European Union negotiations, it has less room for manoeuvre during the Brexit talks.

It is speculated that this extensive voting exercise was conducted o put pressure on the House of Lords. “So do I, and so does this House”.

This is the full statement issued tonight by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after the Commons voted through article 50 to leave the EU.

Ms Abbott’s office has still not responded to a request for comment from the Gazette over how she would have voted had she not been too ill to do so. Theresa May’s original concern about going to Parliament seems to have been unfounded as it was a comfortable day for her government.

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