Senate Dems opposing Trump court pick grows with Stabenow

Corker doesn’t see how the Supreme Court change gets avoided here. Democrats controlled the Senate then, and they made the same change, eliminating the 60-vote threshold for lower court nominations. “We are not going to go for four or eight years with a dwindling number of justices on the Supreme Court because some people can’t accept the outcome of the last election”. And they’ve offered mixed messages on what comes next.

“Now, millions of dollars in undisclosed special interest donations are being used to prop up his nomination”.

“Judge Neil Gorsuch would strongly defend our constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment”.

Shaheen said the federal Judge Gorsuch had a “very alarming record” of favoring big business over employees and she questioned his support for legal abortion rights and campaign finance reform. “I haven’t heard them say he ignored the law or violated the law or misapplied the law or misunderstood the law in any of these cases”. “It politicizes our judicial nomination process and threatens the independence of our courts, which are supposed to be above partisan politics”.

“After meeting with Judge Gorsuch and reviewing his record and testimony, I can not support his nomination to serve on the Supreme Court”, said Shaheen.

A press conference Wednesday hosted by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans with former clerks of Gorsuch was ostensibly meant to highlight the judge’s resume, his decade on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, and his temperament.

Filibusters are prolonged, hours-long speeches delivered by lawmakers in a bid to disrupt legislative votes. There was a seismic change after his hearing.

Leahy, however, signaled that he may be willing to break from Schumer and vote with Republicans on the procedural vote, while also signaling in a separate tweet he’d vote against Gorsuch in the final, up or down vote.

“Uh, yes”, said Inhofe, nearly surprised by the question. These are not hard questions to answer.

He was told by his handlers don’t answer anything, and he did a good job at that. “For that reason, I can not support him”. “President Trump chose a pro-gun judge for the Supreme Court”. “So we don’t really have much choice”.

“I’m trying to compare and contrast this with Merrick Garland”, McCaskill said.

Thune says “we hold a diverse set of political views as Republicans, Democrats and Independents”. That should give many Americans pause, and it certainly gives pause to me. “He didn’t even get a hearing”. “This is the man who broke 230 years of precedent and held Judge Garland up for a year and a half and now is complaining?” And that was worse than a filibuster.

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