Selena Gomez Teases Smoky New Song From 13 Reasons Why

20-year-old Australian actor Katherine Langford leads the cast of Netflix’s new series.

And the melodrama of high school life can feel tedious at points, which is something you might not want to experience again, depending on where you stood (or stand) in your high school pecking order.

In case you didn’t already assume this, the 13 tapes Hannah recorded coincide with each of the season’s 13 episodes – and boy is Tape No. 1 a freakin’ doozy.

The Spring Breakers actress describes herself as a “very honest” person and is keen to have her face on show at all times rather than hide away. Who, or what, killed Hannah Baker? “And if you’re listening to this tape, you’re one of the reasons why”.

But unlike the other dead girls strewn across serialized TV mystery, Hannah speaks.

The series and soundtrack are slated to drop on March 31st. Does she ever stop?

Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen in “13 Reasons Why”. “It’s a lot easier to balance things that way”.

Gomez, who is the most popular user on Instagram, where she has 115 million followers, hopes seeing her name in the credits will get some of her young fans to watch the show because many of them tell her they struggle with the same issues as Hannah. “I know there was one scene, I wasn’t around, but they had therapy dogs on set”.

“Grief, guilt, regret, shame, malice, detachment, denial – the feelings swarming through the kids in 13 Reasons Why are deep and complicated, lest you think young-adult stories can only be about vampire hunger and love games”.

Hannah Baker is the Aussie newcomer’s breakout role. Characters like Lilly Kane or Laura Palmer lay quietly in death, waiting for people to discover their secrets.

The only thing is, Hannah had committed suicide two weeks earlier.

The cross-cutting between Clay setting off on his crusade, and flashbacks to the events on the tapes which caused Hannah’s apparently carefree life to unravel, was occasionally a little confusing too. Even though some of them are real shits. Would any answer be sufficient? To find out who is responsible for what happened to her is really interesting.

Where: The premiere of 13 Reasons Why, which Gomez executive produced, in Los Angeles, California.

Would Hannah’s character still be a part of the story? Selena’s manicure color also paid tribute to the show.

“The show doesn’t make her downward progress convincing”.

Each tape, and each episode as it turns out, attempts to answer that question, as Hannah, “live and in stereo”, reveals the reasons behind her suicide.

But again, the strength of the show is that it’s framed in a way that lets that conversation actually exist. Clay also recalls masturbating to Tyler’s viral photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing – and yes, I realize he’s a teenage boy, but in that moment, he was no better than the other guys who objectified and taunted Hannah.

Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey