Second suspect arrested over Stockholm truck attack

In an attack last month claimed by Islamic State (IS), a man drove into a crowd in London, killing four people before stabbing a policeman to death.

Late on Sunday, Swedish police revealed more information about the man in a televised news conference, saying the 39-year-old was an asylum seeker and his application for a residence permit had been rejected in June 2016.

Police officials on Saturday said that they had identified three out of the four dead, one of whom was a Belgian citizen, according to a tweet from Belgium’s foreign minister.

Ten of the 15 people injured, including a child, are still being treated in hospital, with two adults in intensive care.

Footage has emerged showing the lorry used in the Stockholm terror attack hurtling down a pedestrianised street as shoppers run for cover.

It came to a stop after slamming into the Ahlens department store.

Police have described the suspect as an Islamic State group sympathiser who had gone underground in Sweden after his residency permit application was rejected past year.

On Friday, the man from Uzbekistan is alleged to have barrelled a stolen beer truck several hundred metres down the bustling pedestrian street Drottninggatan in the heart of Stockholm.

STOCKHOLM (AP) – Swedish athletes competing in soccer, ice hockey and swimming have observed a minute of silence for the victims of Friday’s deadly truck attack in Stockholm.

But police said they were ever more convinced that the Uzbek man was the driver of the commandeered truck and may have acted alone.

He said: “She was clear that the United Kingdom stands firmly by Sweden’s side, and they agreed on the importance of working together to tackle these threats, which we all continue to face”, he said. But Eliasson said there was “nothing to indicate we have the wrong person”.

He said police found a suspect device in the cab of the truck.

The U.S. State Department also condemned the attack, adding, “Attacks like this are meant to sow the seeds of fear, but in fact they only strengthen our shared resolve to combat terrorism around the world”.

The attack shattered any sense Swedes had of being insulated from the militant violence that has hit other parts of Europe, raising questions about whether the police and security services could have done more to prevent it.

Swedish authorities believe they’ve arrested the person who hijacked a beer truck and plowed it into a crowd of pedestrians.

On Friday evening, Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven addressed the nation and those who are mourning the loss of a loved one from Friday’s attack.

Stockholm Police capture images of the suspect in the Stockholm terrorist attack.                       Stockholm Polisen