Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Explodes


On Sept. 1, Samsung Electronics Co. released a statement announcing a worldwide recall of the Note 7 after receiving reports of battery related incidents.

Koh Dong Jin, the head of Samsung’s smartphone business, said the recall-specifically the financial impact-was “heartbreaking”.

Details of the Galaxy Note7 phone recall will be released in coming days.

Most consumers would think that Samsung is handling its worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 efficiently, as the company has been very quick and transparent regarding the matter. But that’s so much better than pain in the literal sense – which is the risk you run if you don’t go through the steps to return the phone. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the faulty Galaxy Note 7 units to be replaced. But what else will it do with the unexpected Galaxy Note 7 pileup?

Each carrier has given instructions on how to exchange their phones. At the time Samsung issued the recall, their investigation had turned up 35 such cases, with 2 ending up on the internet and making headlines.

As for Hua’s final thoughts, well, he advises Note 7 owners to take advantage of Samsung’s replacement program ASAP and to not try to test their luck. Rapid-charging handsets rely on high-charge voltage to get devices back up to power in a matter of minutes. But fate had other plans and now the company is seeing a kind of financial depression.

Mr Shaun Moffatt, Managing Director of Fone Fix said, “We have noticed that the latest generation of smart phones, while pushing the innovative technology envelope, have lead to us seeing a significant increase in unusual phone failures in recent months”.

Analysts admit news of the Samsung recall likely has Apple gleefully clicking its heels. With Apple expected to unveil the iPhone 7 next week, the timing couldn’t be worse for Samsung.

Either way, the ball is in your court on this one, Samsung.

Is Samsung’s brand integrity intact with its quick action, or is the massive recall of Note 7 smartphones more likely to batter the Samsung brand beyond fix? Samsung is also going to give customers the option to swap their Note 7 for another Samsung phone – the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge – that have not had battery issues.