Russia’s Sergey Lavrov mocks US media over intelligence-sharing reports

The Wednesday meeting between Trump, Lavrov, and Kislyak had already raised alarm bells in Washington, primarily because it came one day after Trump chose to fire FBI Director James Comey while the bureau investigated his campaign’s alleged ties to Russian Federation.

“I think that the White House is playing word games”, Greg Miller said on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront”.

Former head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit, attends a press conference organized by “Commanders for Israel’s Security” in Tel Aviv on January 15, 2017. “If I fault him for anything, it’s not that he’s inexperienced. It would be good for the country”.

Both the Obama and Trump administrations have sought ways to work with Russian Federation in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, even while opposing Moscow’s military support of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the country’s bloody civil war. We can only hope. This included the name of a city that a foreign spy had infiltrated ISIS in, providing the intelligence. “We have a partner that has done us a favor”.

Aides have maintained that no “inappropriate” information was shared but repeatedly failed to deny the intelligence passed on was classified.

PESKOV: (interrupting) I’m ready to answer your question. “And we have a whole array of allegations from Putin helped him get in the White House, to his associates are doing wrong things with Russians”.

Comey, who had been in charge of the investigation, was sacked by Trump on May 9. “The Russian-Cypriot Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, which held its eighth session in April 2016 in Moscow, and the Business Council for Cooperation with Cyprus have made a noticeable contribution to this work”, it is added. Once again, the main beneficiaries of this rupture in trust and its corrosive effects on the American establishment are the Russians.

McCain said at a GOP dinner Tuesday night that the Trump situation has reached ‘Watergate size and scale’. This has never happened before in America, that there is a Russian Federation agent in the White House.

Late Monday, before news of the Comey memo surfaced, Sen.

The New York Times, relying on leaked information from anonymous USA officials, revealed that Israel provided the information that Trump shared with Russian officials, narrowing the search field and making it easier for enemies to possibly identify the intelligence asset. This would have also enabled appropriate liaison coordination prior to any disclosure, and would avoid foreign partners deciding to withhold intelligence from the USA over fears of unauthorized sharing of information.

Of course the Kremlin is denying that Trump did anything wrong, but believing Russian Federation is like believing that Suge Knight doesn’t know anything about Tupac’s death or that Phaedra Parks really is a respectable lawyer or that a Kardashian, any Kardashian, has a soul. Some said it could harm intelligence sharing, while others disagreed.

“Usually when something untoward happens, because it wasn’t foreseen, because it was not the result of an orderly and through policy process, it’s going to come to light”, he says.

Israel has yet to acknowledge claims from USA officials that it was the source of the highly classified information about an Islamic State plot that Trump divulged to Russian diplomats.

Now, we’ve seen the Republicans fall into line behind Trump too many times to expect swift, definitive action.

If the Trump-hating liberal media and the Democrats now are so focused on Russian Federation as an existential enemy, let us remind them that it was President Obama who back in 2015 got Russian Federation involved in doing our dirty work in the Mideast.

Report: Israel Was Source of Information Trump Reported to Have Shared