Ron DeSantis’ Brand of Trumpism Becomes Toxic After ‘Monkey This Up’ Remark

She will face Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in November.

Switching gears to Arizona’s gubernatorial race – incumbent Governor Doug Ducey secured his position in the Republican primary, defeating Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and the “democratic socialist” bloc.

Last month, Gillum, who would be the first African-American governor of the state if elected, pointed to a provision in Florida law that he said would allow Scott to suspend the state’s sometimes-controversial Stand Your Ground protections on justifiable homicide.

Gillum said he believes DeSantis was “playing a bit of the race card there”, adding: “He can be better than that”.

Gillum indicated to Fox News’ Shepard Smith that DeSantis’ comment ran abreast of numerous controversial statements of President Donald Trump when he was campaigning for the White House in 2015 and 2016. They will have to figure out how to translate the enthusiasm among primary voters to the general election, and will have to win over moderate Democrats, independents, and probably some Republicans. Schultz Zeckman noted that while Democrats increased their primary turnout in comparison to the 2014 midterms, so did Republicans; the memo also cites Republicans garnering more new voter registrations in Florida since 2016 than Democrats. “In the handbook of (President) Donald Trump they no longer do whistle calls, they’re now using full bullhorns and what I’ve got to say about that is that we’ve got to make sure that we stay focused, I think, on the issues that confront everyday people.

Andrew Gillum and his wife, R. Jai Gillum addresses his supporters after Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018, in Tallahassee, Fla. Smith also read from a statement in which DeSantis’s campaign suggested it was “absurd” to characterize the candidate’s remarks as racist.

Tallahassee has had one of the Florida’s highest crime rates in recent years though it has been going down. “And as younger elected officials they should both set an example of what a healthy debate can look like in our state and I don’t think Ron did a good job of that that yesterday”, Curbelo said. Democrat Stacey Abrams won the party’s nomination in Georgia in May. And it’s the firm the Gillum campaign relied on for its internal tracking.

On the Democratic side another iconic Florida political name fell to an outsider candidate. Gillum is seeking to become the state’s first black governor.

The retired Air Force fighter pilot had opened up the gap between herself and her rivals in the last several weeks in poll after poll of likely Republican voters.

This article was reported by The Associated Press, with contributions from Brian Witte.

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