Prison Break boss says season five be Michael Scofield’s last outing

Will you be tuning in to see how Fox kickstarts the next chapter in the Prison Break franchise or have you chosen not leave the series behind you in your rearview mirror?

However, the stars of the show Miller and Dominic Purcell certainly seem keen on the idea of doing another season after the returning fifth one.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Prison Break Season 5 premiere didn’t waste any time diving right into the action and adventure. T-Bag shows him the envelope he received saying fate has joined them at the hip again.

Does Dominic Purcell feel like the series has come full circle now that Lincoln’s on the outside trying to get Michael out?

Throughout the season five debut, fans were slowly drip fed tantalising drops of information regarding how Michael (played by Wentworth Miller) could possibly be alive. He’s running from some goons to whom he owes money. Michael and Lincoln, who has been framed by a shadowy group called The Company, escape along with six others. Kelermes, T-Bag Fernando Sucre and C-Note agreed to make the coveted reunion. How long will it take for Michael to reunite with Lincoln and his (now) ex-wife Sara?

Asked if this is the most emotional Michael we’ve ever seen, Miller replied, “I’d like to think so”. There are going to be some twists and turns aplenty, but we’re not sure you would expect anything else from the show with this track record.

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“I started exploring reasons why, and it took me back about 2,500 years in literature, but I found a reason why”, Scheuring says. It’s not just about breaking out of the prison, that’s the beginning of the story. Sara rushes to protect her son while her husband, Jacob, is shot in the leg. Even so, there’s something unsavory about using a war-torn Middle Eastern country as what amounts to a prop backdrop, with the gun-toting bad guys essentially serving as just another impediment for the brilliant Michael to figure out how to circumvent.

How is it getting back to this character? “But also on some level, it’s the only thing Lincoln can do”, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

LOS ANGELES | Just when you thought the “Prison Break” brothers were gone, they’re back. Further, Lincoln will also be seen to stop his old habits while Sara will try to help herself as she moves on from Michael, Den of Geek reported.

As for where we pick up with Lincoln, Purcell says Lincoln’s always struggled with life and that intensified once Michael died. That’s all we have lest we spoil the episode for you. “Part of the fun of the show is that you don’t know what’s gonna happen, if the car’s gonna blow up or fall off the”.

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